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Design Thinking Toolkit Workshop (One-day)

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Large, established organizations as-well-as small, relatively new organizations are making significant shifts that put design much closer to the center of the enterprise. Organizations like IBM, Procter & Gamble, SAP, GE, Phillips, Citrix, and Infosys have heavily promoted the principles of Design Thinking for innovation and growth. Many start-ups (like Airbnb) are constantly using the principles of Design Thinking to quickly provide features and services that are useful to the end-user.

Design thinking is a set of formal methods and techniques for creative and practical delivery of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result. It is more solution-focused thinking – starting with a vision for a better future, instead of solving a specific problem. Design Thinking promotes systems thinking and takes a holistic approach putting the experience of human beings (users) at the center.

Leading educational institutions like Stanford, MIT and Harvard actively promote Design Thinking. Design Thinking has become a part of many management programs and has started percolating even to K-12 education in the USA.

What You Will Learn

You will learn about the set of tools and techniques that are widely used to implement Design Thinking concepts. And practice using some of them in the course.

There is no eligibility criteria set for the course. But it is essential to come with an open mind and be OK with ambiguity.


  1. Recap of Design Thinking
  2. Frequently use tools/ techniques in Design Thinking
  3. Stakeholder Maps
  4. Empathy Maps
  5. Exercise
  6. Applied Ethnography, User Observations, FGD, Surveys
  7. Exercise
  8. User Personas, User Stories
  9. Exercise
  10. Journey Maps, Mind Maps
  11. Exercise
  12. Other Tools
  13. Summary

1) What is the Duration of Course (Training)?
The duration is one full day; 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a lunch break

2) What are the Exam Pattern, Format and Duration?
The course ends with a 30 min exam. The examination has a combination of multiple choice questions and questions that require short answers.

3) What is Passing Marks in the exam?
50% of the marks are for class performance (flash quizzes, participation in exercises, etc.). The other 50% is for the score in the final exam. Participants should get an overall combined score of 70% to be considered as having “successfully completed”.

4) Who will benefit from this course?
Participants should be familiar with the concepts of Design Thinking and the Process/ Stages (covered in our Design Thinking Basics Workshop – one day).

Anyone involved in designing, developing services and products for others to use – in any capacity, viz., managers, engineers, or service representatives. The concepts of Design Thinking are applicable in all domains and functions, because all are involved in serving someone.

5) Can the course be customized for a specific domain?
Yes, it can be, if it is done for a single, homogeneous audience. The customization will need prior discussions with the instructors.

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Design Thinking Toolkit Workshop (One-day)

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