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Quality & Process Improvement

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Quality & Process Improvement

In order to compete successfully in the domestic and international market every organisation needs to deliver products, services and solutions which are cost effective, high quality and on time. This requires a strong system of good processes, talented people and state-of-the-art technology.

QAI has been instrumental in institutionalizing excellent software processes through implementation of both model based (ISO and/or CMMI® framework) and non-model based process improvements in over 300 leading organizations worldwide.

Team of 11 Lead Appraisers: Out of which 4 are High Maturity LA
Conducted 350+ SW CMM assessments/ CMMI® appraisals

Instructor led and blended trainings

QAI has a team of qualified and reputed SMEs, who bring with them rich knowledge and experience from across geographies and verticals. The Instructor Led Trainings are designed to enable easy and in-depth learning in a well suited environment. The trainings are conducted in both public and in-house modes. We offer 17 courses under ILT and 3 courses in e-learning.

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Certifications for individuals and organizations have played a critical role in accelerating growth in the Software Engineering and Quality Management sector. QAI offers 5 certifications under the following sub-domains:-

  • Software Quality assurance
  • Process Engineering

Consulting and Appraisal services

QAI provides model based and non-model based interventions to help organizations improve their processes and quality function. Model based interventions help organizations benchmark their processes with internationally recognized models and frameworks like ISO, CMMI, Six Sigma etc.

Non-Model based interventions provide point solutions to specific organizational problems like establishing estimation framework, metrics framework, process standardization, agile implementation etc. QAI also provides appraisal services through one of the largest and experienced team of 11 lead appraisers.