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Certified Lean Practitioner

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Certified Lean Practitioner

Lean approach:

One of the greatest enemies for all business value chain processes is MUDA- Waste.

Muda is specifically any human activity which absorbs resources but creates no value. For example, mistakes which require rectification, backlogs that results in waiting, adding processing steps which aren’t actually needed – to name a few.

There is a powerful antidote to Muda- Lean Methodology and Lean Thinking. It provides a way to do more and more with less and less.

Recent Developments:

Lean consists of elegant and simple tools which are not heavily dependent on data for creating transformational changes and has universal applicability. Many large Indian and MNCs have adopted Lean as a culture for involving all the employees in the organization to bring about process improvement and add value to the client / value chain processes.

These include a large number of organizations besides manufacturing like

  • Software development firms
  • Application management and Application deployment organizations
  • Financial transactions processing firms
  • Banks
  • Back offices
  • Insurance organizations
  • FMCG
  • Distribution management firms
  • Airlines etc


Many organizations have benefitted from Lean through

  • Reduction of lead time for claims processing by 40% for an Insurance company
  • Reduction of training and on boarding cycle time by 20% for a Large Telecom organization
  • Improved on time for incident reduction from 85% to 95% with deploying saved manpower to other revenue generating processes.
  • Customer on boarding process cycle time reduced by 30% for a MNC bank
  • Reduction of inventory, saving of floor space and quick change over of dies for a large refrigerator manufacturing firm
  • Improving of the packaging cycle time and improving productivity of workforce by 15% for a large elevator manufacturing company
  • Quality Managers / AM / Quality Analysts
  • Operations Managers / AM/ Team Leaders
  • Team members Business Excellence teams
  • Training Supervisors and Managers
  • Hiring team Leads and Managers
  • Business transformations Leaders
  • Any other person wanting to improve processes and bring about a change
  • Introduction to Lean Thinking- History, Origin, Context
  • Understanding the Lean Core Concepts
  • Eight Types of Wastes
  • Continuous flow
  • Autonomation
  • Understanding Functions
  • Gemba
  • Kaizen
  • A3 Approach within Lean
  • VSM Before and After
  • Symbols for creation of VSM- Value Stream Map
  • Getting to the bottom of waste through cause-and-effect linkages
  • Understanding Timings involved – like LT, CT, VA, Takt time
  • Creation of As Is VSM
  • Load balancing- Takt time vs CT- Cycle time
  • Manpower allocation and design of work components
  • Identification of process bottlenecks
  • Generating innovative ideas to resolve the reasons for waste
    • Overview of TRIZ approach
    • Identification of Contradictions
    • Understanding Inventive principles
    • Examples for TRIZ deployment
  • Case study
  • Creation of proposed VSM
  • Proven Techniques to Ensure Sustainability
  • Poka Yoke
  • Visual Controls
  • 5S
  • Standardized Work
  • Communicating Lean
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Certified Lean Practitioner

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