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Defining and Validating Requirements

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Defining and Validating Requirements

Failure to properly identify and manage requirements is the single most consistent cause of project failure, regardless of project size and organization. The requirements analysis process is defect prone for a variety of reasons. Post–implementation reviews of most information systems projects typically show that 60–75% of all defects encountered during a project, and embedded in the fi nished systems products, are defects in requirements.

Studies also show a major cost of software development is correcting erroneous and missing requirements. If these changes need to be made to an operational system, they will cost 100 times as much to correct as if requirements are corrected during the requirements gathering phase of software development.

This course covers technically what requirements are and what we really mean by the term “requirements”. It also addresses the challenge of getting valid requirements which is one of the most important issues in avoiding defects. The course further provides a seven–phased process for developing valid requirements and presents effective tools and techniques for defi ning and validating those requirements.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop provides participants a better understanding of:

  • The requirements review process
  • How requirements fi t into the software development life cycle
  • How prevention is key to reducing the costs associated with software development
  • Why requirements defi ning and validation must be a team effort
  • Project Leaders
  • IT Users
  • IT Customers
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Requirements Advocacy
  • Section 3 – QAI’s Requirements Model
  • Section 4 – Identifying Business Needs
  • Section 5 – Analyzing Business Requirements
  • Section 6 – Analyzing Implementation Requirements
  • Section 7 – Analyzing Constraint Requirements
  • Section 8 – Resolving Confl icts and Tradeoffs
  • Section 9 – Verifying Requirements
  • Section 10 – Validating Requirements
  • Section 11 – Managing Requirements
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Defining and Validating Requirements

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