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Course Overview:

The Working with Spinnaker at Salesforce training course is designed to introduce students to the Spinnaker continuous delivery platform. The class will begin with covering the key foundations of Spinnaker’s model for enabling typical application deployment and management scenarios, specifically when it comes to enabling easy and efficient ways of doing so in cloud infrastructure. It will then dive further into CI/CD pipelines, and how Spinnaker thinks of and makes use of pipelines to enable its application deployment model and flow. Along the way, students will get help looking closely at each of its key features for standard and, at times, not-so-standard use-cases along with walkthroughs and examples on how to use Spinnaker in Falcon.

Target Audience:

END USERS of Spinnaker, Service Owners & DevOps teams deploying micro-services to cloud k8s substrates (EKS if the AWS class version, GKE if the GCP class version, etc.).


Ensure a comprehensive understanding of Spinnakers’ features and capabilities in relation to the standard continuous delivery and deployment concepts it supports.

  • Introduction to Terraform course or intermediate understanding of Terraform.
  • AWS fundamentals, including at least beginner knowledge of EKS.
  • Understanding of Helm, at least beginner knowledge.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the different pieces of the Spinnaker application model and how they relate to automating deployments and/or resource management.
  • Grasp continuous integration and delivery/deployment pipelines and how they relate to Spinnaker’s pipelines, stages, etc. for deploying applications to the cloud.
  • Know the available provider integrations for Spinnaker, and capabilities for working on less standard, non-provider-based deployments and automated scenarios.
  • Use Spinnaker to deploy a micro-service into a cloud Kubernetes environment such as EKS, GKE, etc.
  • Understand how Spinnaker works with Helm for templating, artifact creation, and artifact (templated chart) installation and upgrades.
  • Learn how to use Spinnaker in Falcon.

Section 1: Introduction

Continuous Integration and Delivery
Overview of Spinnaker

  • Applications.
  • Pipelines.
  • Triggers.
  • Clusters.
  • Server Groups.
  • Load Balancers.
  • Firewalls.

Section 2: Spinnaker Architecture.

Section 3: Kubernetes Quick Ramp-up.

Section 4: Spinnaker with Jenkins.

  • Packaging app in Jenkins and Deploying using Spinnaker.

Section 5: Spinnaker Accounts:

  • Github.
  • S3.
  • ECR.

Section 6: Spinnaker Artifacts

  • YAML files.
  • S3 files.
  • Docker Containers.

Lab 1: Creating an Application
Section: Pipelines

  • Stages.
  • Deploy Manifest Manual Judgment.
  • Wait.
  • Triggers.
  • Github.
  • ECR.
  • Other Pipelines.

Lab 2: Deploying to Staging and Production.
Section: Spinnaker Expression Language.
Section: Diagnosing Errors & Introspecting the Run.
Section: Deployment Strategies.

  • Highlander.
  • Blue/Green.
  • Canary.

Section: Rolling Back

  • Ad Hoc Rollbacks.
  • Programmatic Rollback.

Section: Scaling Resources
Section: Restricting Execution

Lab 4: Manual Judgments, Scaling, Rolling back

Section: Running Jobs

  • Review of Kubernetes Jobs.
  • Using a Kubernetes container to perform work.

Section: Running AWS EC2 and ECS2

  • Cloud Providers.
  • Designating a VPC.
  • Baking EC2 instances.
  • Running ECS with a Docker Image.
  • Operations Available using AWS Cloud Provider.
  • Compare and Contrast AWS with Kubernetes.
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Spinnaker Advanced

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