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Build a copilot app in a day with Azure OpenAI

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DURATION: 2 Day (16 hours).
Note: To complete the hands-on labs in this course, students require an Azure subscription that has been approved for access to the Azure OpenAI service. Azure OpenAI:



Module 01: Introduction to Azure OpenAI

  • Azure OpenAI’s language, code, and image capabilities.
  • Azure OpenAI’s responsible AI practices and limited access policies.
  • Types of Azure OpenAI’s base model and its deployment.
  • Lab: Creation of Azure OpenAI resource/OpenAI & accessing Playground.

Module 02: Chat Copilot using Azure OpenAI Studio

  • Brief of Azure Storage Account, Azure Cognitive Search, App Services & App Service Plans.
  • Basic workflow for Copilot Creation.
  • Lab: Build your own Chat Copilot using various Azure Services (Azure Portal).

Module 03: Art of Effective Prompting Techniques

  • Understanding Text Prompting.
  • Iterative Techniques for Text Prompting.
  • Using Summarization Techniques.
  • Inference Techniques in Text Prompting.
  • Transformation Techniques for Text.
  • Exercise/Documentation: Effective Prompting Techniques (Jupiter notebook).

Module 04: Prompt Flow Design using Azure Machine Learning Studio

  • Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • Introduction to prompt flow.

    Lab: Prompt flow design and implementation.

Module 05: Introduction to Semantic Kernel

  • Introduction to Semantic Kernel.
  • Working and Components of Semantic Kernel.
  • Concept of Chat Plugin & its Integration into Applications.
  • Integrating Semantic Kernel with Azure OpenAI models.
  • Introduction to Autogen in Semantic Kernel.
  • Native Functions.
  • Chaining Functions using Azure OpenAI.
  • Lab: Basic Labs on Semantic Functions.
  • Lab: Adding skillsets to Semantic Kernel.
  • Lab: Adding memories to Semantic Kernel.
  • Lab: Using connectors in Semantic Kernel.
  • Lab: Chaining concept in Semantic Kernel.
  • Lab: Integrating Bing with Azure OpenAI using Semantic Kernel.
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Build a copilot app in a day with Azure OpenAI

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