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DevOps Automation Technical Workshop

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DevOps Automation Technical Workshop

Workshop Objectives

While software helps businesses automate processes, these very businesses face impediments due to their processes to release it being too heavy. A wide range of problems can be pointed out of this, from indispensable infrastructure, to lack of automation and collaboration schematics etc.

DevOps brings a refreshing change to way of handling operations and development and makes infrastructure a disposable, reusable asset. It enables collaboration between all teams in the technology business unit so that they are able to understand each other’s needs. It helps foster a culture based on trust and collective responsibility not the cross boundary interaction that adds to operational bottleneck. Moreover, it helps operations teams adopt innovative technologies to automate the daily mundane tasks of infrastructure management, monitoring, security audit and compliance.

We have courses designed for various maturity and specific domains viz. technology, process, governance and strategy which help organisations ease out stepping into the world of DevOps methodologies with minimal disruption.

Course Overview

This is an advanced technical course spread over duration of three days to help participants become well acquainted with intricacies involved in adopting and implementing tooling for DevOps practice.

Pre Requisites

The audience should be equipped with the following for this training session

  • Workstation, option one
    • Operating System: Linux, Ubuntu
    • Type: Laptop or Desktop
    • Configuration
      • Processor: at least Intel i5 3rd generation or higher
      • RAM: 4 GB minimum
      • Hard Disk: 40 GB Minimum
    • Workstation, option two, user can use a Windows based workstation, however it should have a Linux based Virtual machine configured
      • Oracle Virtual Box with VM Extensions
      • Linux Image of Ubuntu / Fedora latest version
      • Operating System: Windows
      • Type: Laptop or Desktop
      • Configuration
        • Processor: at least Intel i5 3rd generation or higher
        • RAM: 8 GB minimum
        • Hard Disk: 40 GB Minimum
  • Infrastructure
    • A high speed internet connection for a batch of 15 to 25 at-least 10 mbps internet connection with more than 20 GB download limit
  • A pre-registered Account with AWS


This course aims at acquainting participants with the following hands on practices

Chef/Puppet/Ansible for Configuration Management.

  • Docker/Packer for Containerization
  • Vagrant for Provisioning
  • AWS Cloud computing
    • EC2 API Tools
    • Using programmatic provisioning using Jclouds or AWS SDK (optional, only for developers)
  • Jenkins for Automated Installation and Deployment.
  • Nagios for Infra-Monitoring
  • Rundeck for Deployment Automation
  • Elasticsearch for storage & distributed search engine
  • Kibana and Graphite for data visualization
  • Tools for injecting metrics and monitoring data into Elasticsearch and Graphite – FluentD, CollectD.
  • logstash to process & transport logs
  • Serf for Service orchestration and management tool
  • Installation / Configuration basics of PaaS Openshift / Apache Stratos

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DevOps Automation Technical Workshop

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