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AI in Construction: Prompt, Create, Build Responsibly

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DURATION: 8 Day (40 hours)
Note: client need to have their own ChatGPT Plus subscription
Chapter 01: Generative AI & Prompting Techniques (20 minutes):

  • Why is Generative AI imp?.
  • Importance of Prompting & Techniques.
  • Prompts for Excel/Power Point.
  • Quiz 01: Prompting Techniques.

Chapter 02: Text Prompting for Construction Industry:

  • Project Planning and Documentation.
  • Training and Knowledge Sharing.
  • Troubleshooting and FAQs.
  • Material and Equipment Research.
  • Language Translation.
  • Health and Safety Guidelines.
  • Client Communication.
  • Innovation and Idea Generation.
  • Quiz 02: Text Prompting.

    Chapter 03: Image Prompting for Construction Industry:

  • Visual Aids for Presentations.
  • Blueprints and Design Drafting.
  • Safety Instructions and Infographics.
  • Equipment and Machinery Diagrams.
  • Site Maps and Layouts.
  • Quiz 03: Image Prompting.
    Chapter 04: Responsible Prompting for Construction Industry:

  • Clarity in Instructions.
  • Ethical Considerations.
  • Verification and Fact-Checking.
  • Data Privacy and Confidentiality.
  • Adherence to Policies and Regulations.
  • Human Oversight.
  • Quiz 04: Responsible Prompting.

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    AI in Construction: Prompt, Create, Build Responsibly

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