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Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

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KMP II – Kanban Management Professional Workshop

Course Overview

  • KMP II systematically builds upon the foundations established in KMP I for your existing Kanban knowledge. By focusing on the complex demands of a multi-teamed organization, KMP II explores how to keep momentum beyond initial improvements realized from a successful Kanban implementation.
  • KMP II addresses the need to ensure that better products and services lead to higher customer satisfaction and business performance.
  • This 2-day workshop, will make attendee:
    • To gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of applying Kanban to their existing workflows
    • Investigate Kanban at scale, understanding the organization as a network of services
    • Provides the essential tools to those wanting to grow a learning organization and leverage the many services which connect and interact.
    • Gain hands-on learning with an enterprise-level Kanban case study


  • This course is for those who have experience applying the Kanban method in their organizations
  • Attendees are expected to have completed a Kanban System Design Foundation – KMP I class
  • Have read the Kanban book by David J Anderson or Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows.


  • This course has been accredited by the Lean Kanban University (LKU) as Kanban System Design. Participants receive standard LKU certificates as KMP II (Kanban Management Professional) credentials,
  • This course, following completion of the KMP Foundations I: Kanban System Design class, satisfies the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation requirement

Learning Outcomes

  • Deeper Kanban practices to sustain evolutionary improvements for the participants who already are practicing Kanban in their work environment and are looking for further improvements
  • Learn how to leverage the tools, collaboration mechanisms and actionable metrics to harness the full potential of the teams for service delivery
  • Compile Kanban strategies to sustain and scale evolutionary improvements in the organization
  • Implementing known empirical methods to sustain viable improvements

Attendees Receive

  • Professional Credential KMP II (Kanban Management Professional) Certificate from Lean-Kanban University (LKU)
  • Membership of the Lean-Kanban University (LKU)
  • Soft copy of the David J. Anderson’s book “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business”
  • Softcopy of the Classroom workbook

Delivery Method

  • Lean Kanban University’s certified training curriculum and teaching methods were created through collaboration of leading Kanban experts and validated in hundreds of training classes around the world.
  • You get a trainer who is the LKU accredited trainer
  • The course is a mix of case driven, instructor-led, and self paced learning, designed to enable participants learn, experiment and implement the concepts and underlying philosophy of Kanban.
  • The course is very interactive and provides hands on Exercises and Group activities

Target Audience

  • The target audience for the program is for anyone who already are practicing Kanban in their work environment and are looking for further improvements for their systems and teams
  • Kanban practitioners, Project and Program managers,
  • Line and middle managers,
  • Coaches and Trainers,

Introduction to Workshop

  • Participants introduction
  • Expectation setting and clarifications

Motivation for Kanban Method

  • Review and explore the motivations for the Kanban method

Kanban Values

  • Examine and recognize emotional objections to WIP limit introduction
  • Assess and interpret the Kanban value system, commitment and replenishment
  • Decision Making – commitment
  • Service Delivery Orientation

Kanban System

  • Commitment and replenishment in-depth
  • WIP Limits and Pull system to keep momentum beyond the initial improvements
  • Insights w.r.t “cadence” in the workflow management.
  • Building an Information Flow: the 7 Cadences
  • Delivery Planning
  • KPIs and metrics

Enterprise level Kanban Case study

  • Hands-on learning with an enterprise-level Kanban case study

Feedback Loops to Improve Service Delivery

  • Daily “Standup”,
  • Implementing organizational feedback loops with Kanban cadences, such as service delivery reviews, ops reviews and risk reviews
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators in Kanban and for service improvement.

Scaling Kanban

  • Scale evolutionary improvements in the organization
  • Investigate Kanban at scale, understanding the organization as a network of services
  • Insights on practical approaches to apply Kanban to projects
  • Large Project Planning and understanding scheduling
  • Change Management


  • Summarization and Q&A

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Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

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