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Practical Approach to Agility through Kanban

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Practical Approach to Agility through Kanban

The objective of this two day workshop is to impart the skills required for becoming Agile using the Lean principles and Kanban Method.

After the completion of the workshop, the participants would be able to:

  • Understand the Agile Manifesto, Lean Principles and Kanban Method
  • Participants learn to create a value stream map of their activities and visualize their workflow

Duration : 2 days

Batch Size:  Around Twenty participants per batch as it contains multiple hands on group exercises

Delivery Method:

The course is a mix of case driven, instructor-led, and self paced learning, designed to enable participants learn, experiment and implement the concepts and underlying philosophy of Agile and Lean. The course is very interactive and provides hands on Exercises and Group activities

  • Leadership
  • Team Members
  • Process owners

This training is aimed at instilling the core beliefs of Agile and Kanban and creating a transparent and collaborative environment where the team succeeds as a single entity.

During this 2- day course, participants will get clear understanding on implementing Kanban techniques and improvised thinking in order to elevate their current practices. They will get trained in applying Kanban in multiple situations & how to cultivate Kanban mindset which is essential for effective delivery results.


  1. Agile Manifesto
  2. Agile Principles
  3. Mindset shift to Agile
  4. What is the Kanban method?
  5. Kanban in Software Development
  6. Why use a Kanban System?
  7. Kanban Change Initiative

Leading Change

  1. Common reasons for resistance to change
  2. How to avoid that resistance?
  3. How to mitigate?
  4. Manage & Coach change in the fact of that resistance

Kanban Foundation

  1. Properties of Kanban
  2. Quality focus
  3. Continuous Improvement Culture
  4. Limit Work In Progress
  5. Frequent delivery
  6. Balancing demand
  7. Prioritize
  8. Improve Predictability

Kanban System

  1. The flow
  2. Understanding Cadences
  3. Mapping Value Stream (Kanban Board)
  4. Establishing Delivery Cadence
  5. Establishing Input Cadence
  6. Setting WIP limit
  7. Establishing SLAs
  8. Implementing Change
  9. Looking for further improvements

Kanban in Action

  1. Simulation

Metrics & Management reporting

  1. Flow Efficiency
  2. Lead time
  3. Cycle time
  4. Throughput

Scaling Kanban

  1. Swim lanes
  2. Classes of Services
  3. Integrating systems

Agile Communications and Team Dynamics

  1. Defining Agile Leadership
  2. Team Space
  3. Information Radiators
  4. Osmotic Communication
  5. Daily Stand Ups
  6. Building High Performance Teams
  7. Building Empowerment Teams
  8. Collaboration
  9. Kaizen Culture – A continuous improvement culture

Adopting Scrumban

  1. Overview to Scrum Framework
  2. Inheriting Scrum Practices on Kanban


  1. Kanban Change Initiative
  2. Bottlenecks & Sources of Variability

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Practical Approach to Agility through Kanban

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