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Apache Spark and Scala Training

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Course Outline:


Day 1:

  • Introduction to apache spark.
  • Understanding spark core components and its usages.
  • Spark & PySpark shell.
  • Working spark shell & PySpark shell.
  • Understanding and using RDD.
  • Writing code with multiple functions with python.
  • Introduction to HDFS in big data world.
  • HDFS architecture.
  • HDFS usage.

Day 2:

  • Spark and Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Spark and MapReduce .
  • RDD operations.
  • Deploying multi node spark cluster.
  • Spark standalone cluster and webUI.
  • RDD partitions and HDFS data locality.
  • Dataframes and its operations.
  • Writing python PySpark code for implementing Map vs Flatmap.
  • Understanding and using transformation and action in RDD.

Day 3:

  • SparkSQL and Spark stream introduction.
  • Loading data using spark SQL and implementing it.
  • Welcome to real time streaming of data with spark stream framework.
  • Building and running spark application.
  • Logging spark.
  • Streaming Overview.
  • Sliding window operations.
  • Live chat count or real-time twitter count with spark.
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Apache Spark and Scala Training

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