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Executive Overview to Agile Methodology

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An Executive Overview to Agile Methodology

The objective of this workshop is to provide the participants awareness on what Agile methodologies is all about, how it is different from traditional methodologies, an introduction to agile principles, practices and different agile methods. The workshop is aimed for senior and middle managers to get an insight on the challenges and the changes required for successful transformation to agile methodology for group/division or for an organization.

Workshop Overview

Getting started on adoption of Agile methodology requires some critical changes in the way the project team is structured and in its operations compared to the traditional life cycle methodology. The agile way of software development is a considerable departure from traditional waterfall development.  It is important to set the expectation of different stake holders in the organization on both the benefits and challenges of implementing Agile methodology. The workshop aims to introduce people to:

  • Need of developing Agile methodologies in the organization
  • How it is different from traditional software development life cycle
  • Different approaches of agile based on project landscape and organizational characteristics
  • Understand the complete development life cycle of a project in terms of different agile approaches
  • Overview of different roles of Agile teams
  • Project Management in Agile Environment
  • How agile can work in conjunction with other process improvement models
  • Senior management
  • Delivery Managers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Agile Basics
    • Overview, Principles & Manifesto of Agile
    • Agile vs. Traditional
    • Benefits of Agile methods
  • Agile Implementation Methods
    • Extreme Programming, Scrum, Feature Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Dynamic System Development Method, etc.
    • Overview to SCRUM methodology
  • When to use Agile methods
    • Selecting  right set of project types for Agile implementation
    • Benefits of Agile methods
    • Agile in large program context  and Multi location teams.
  • Project Management in an Agile Environment
    • How the role of the managers change and on stakeholder involvement, estimation and planning
  • Introducing Agile successfully in process-mature organizations
    • Agile and CMMI
    • Embedding agile methodology in CMMI organization
  • Agile methodology in Indian IT Context
    • Distributed Development
    • Customer participation in the team
  • Roadmap to Agile adoption
    • Typical steps
    • Challenges
    • Critical success Factors

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Executive Overview to Agile Methodology

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