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Demystifying Analytics

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Demystifying Analytics

Data Analytics is the pervasive phase used all over. Its described as the hottest skill to have and is a key part of every organizations’ strategy for the next few years.

As a discipline, it is vast and hence has its own mysteries. For many practitioners, the definition and scope of Analytics is a question many are struggling to answer. Is it Hadoop, Python or is it advanced Statistics, even visualization is said to be analytics. What is machine learning? How we get started, do we need to know coding and statistics or database knowledge? Can it be used for operational improvement?  These some of the questions being asked by many.

This 1 Day course is the first of its kind to Introduce Analytics and its application in different business scenarios. We aim to take practitioners through the myriad set of activities that form part of Analytics projects. We will cover concepts, multiple tools used in Analytics, techniques as well as demystifying the various concepts associated with Analytics.

This course is designed to all levels who are keen to understand Analytics and identify its usage.

The course is targeted at individuals across levels who intend to understand analytics and its applications including:

  • Senior Management Professionals
  • Managers driving organizational initiatives
  • Six Sigma Professionals
  • Industry professionals
  • Information Management Specialists in the organization

The Course will cover:


  • Introduction
    • Define Analytics and terms associated
  • Components of Analytics
  • Algorithms Driving Analytics
  • Analytics Lifecycle
  • Brief Overview of Tools and Technologies used in Analytics
    • R
    • Python
    • Rapid Miner
    • Tableau
    • Js
  • Case Studies
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Demystifying Analytics

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