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JavaScript - Basics

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  • Web client-side Programming in Javascript with basic constructs and functional programming.


  • This course is for Front End Developers.


Prior experience developing web applications and HTML
Awareness of Cascading Style Sheets

Hardware & Network Requirements:

  • All participants to have individual desktops/laptop with multi core CPU and 8GB RAM.
  • All participants’ system to be connected to internet with good speed.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows / Mac /Linux OS.
  • Visual Studio Code.
  • Web browser – Mozilla Firefox with firebug, Google Chrome.

Module 1: Javascript Programming Language Constructs

Introduction to JavaScript:

  • What is Javascript?.
  • Power of Javascript – Eagle’s view of what is happening in Javascript world.

Building blocks of JavaScript:

  • Variables, functions and comments.
  • Null, Undefined, Objects, Equality.
  • Finding Help, Javascript Reference (

Control Flow:

  • Conditional Control Flow – If, else and switch.
  • Iteration – for, for … in, while, do … while.
  • Error handling – try, catch, finally.

Built-in types and libraries:

  • String, Number, Object and Array (Underscore.js).
  • Regular Expression, Date (Datejs).
  • Library Functions – isNaN, eval, parseFloat, etc.
  • Math object, JSON.

Debugging Javascript:

  • Inspecting HTML.
  • The Javascript Console.
  • Inspecting the CSS, Network traffic and Javascript scripts.
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JavaScript – Basics

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