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Human Capability Management

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Human Capability Management

While we accept that most of today’s service and knowledge businesses are competency driven and that people are our biggest assets, historically (at least in IT), organizations have focused more on proactively improving their delivery processes and their investments in technology.

In fact, the current global hue–and–cry on talent shortfalls and high attrition rates in IT/ITES are only the tip of the iceberg. At the business level, there are imperatives like improving productivity, moving–up the value chain, enhancing competitiveness, and getting closer to the customers. At the organizational level, issues like managing a multi–cultural and multi–geographical workforce, or managing rapid growth and creating “cool” work cultures, continue to be largely considered by business leaders and HR professionals. All this, while today’s professionals are trying to get multi–skilled and chart clear career paths for themselves.

So, it’s not good enough to win the “talent wars”. It’s also not enough to try solutions (like business process re–engineering, employee stock options, assessment centers, and 360–degree appraisals) in a piece–meal manner. Instead, the need of the hour is to take a holistic view of the organization’s business, culture, technology, and talent needs, and develop comprehensive competency development programs to attract, retain, and grow that talent. The imperative is to adapt solutions based on an integrated and proactive approach towards developing and engaging talent, growing the business, and delighting the customers.

Key Challenges

  • Attracting, developing, deploying, motivating, organizing, and retaining the talent
  • Ensuring alignment between the individual’s and organization’s motivations
  • Developing workforce competencies required to execute business strategy
  • Prioritizing activities for improving workforce competencies
  • Integrating operational process improvements with workforce process improvements
  • Measuring training effectiveness
  • Enhancing employee and customer satisfaction levels
  • Enhancing talent management by optimum utilization of manpower through better skill and competency mapping
  • Managing attrition and lay–off’s
  • Providing motivation in a highly dynamic work environment

How can the QAI Global Institute help?

The Institute’s wide range of training, informational resources, and appraisal services to help organizations in organizing and managing their workforce. QAI helps organizations by:

  • Focusing on the people development and HR best practice implementations in organizations
  • Providing end–to–end People CMM® implementation support
  • E–Learning offerings
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