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QAI brings its state-of-the-art online courses. The courses offered help organizations develop competencies, enhance processes, and manage knowledge to improve organizational performance.

The courses assist in unlocking the potential within each employee of an organization to achieve performance excellence.

QAI’s web-based curriculum is a unique combination of subject matter experts, QAI’s industry experience, and e-Learning expertise spanning instructional design, creative visual design, and software design techniques. It’s comprehensive content, broad spectrum of instructional design strategies and multiple delivery options cater to the uniqueness of each organization and individual.

The web-based curriculum also gives learners the freedom to learn at their own pace and in the preferred learning style – anytime, anywhere, and within a cost-effective learning environment.

On Demand Learning – Virtual Programs

Learning teams are always challenged to reach the teams with a solution that can match their schedules. The skill upgrade programs are often less attended due to quality of program, project pressures or team members distributed at various client locations.

Some more questions which continue to challenge us are:

  • Can we have defined progression?
  • Can we scale and reach distributed teams?
  • How do we enable individual to learn at his own pace?
  • Can we give the teams real time solutioning skills?
  • How do we optimize the costs?
  • Can we work with lower overheads and higher ROI?

The Virtual Learning Model

For all of the challenges that physical, event-based training can pose for learners and training decision-makers alike, live virtual training offers a compelling, cost-effective and result-oriented solution to those challenges. One experiences the same high-quality training as one would by traveling to a conventional training center–for both classroom instruction and hands-on labs–without the costs, and inconvenience, of travel.

At QAI, we offer Virtual Learning programs that provide learning flexibility and live mentor support in the following areas: