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Customer Obsession Workshop

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Customer Obsession. Looks like common sense? May we state that common sense is rather uncommon? Yes, this workshop is to essentially demystify what is customer obsession and why it is important for every business to ensure customer delight that it in turn moves our revenues and profitability northwards!

At its core, true customer obsession revolves around showcasing and practising empathy with a deep understanding of your customers through obsessive listening!

Active & Empathetic listening at every single stage of your business is so important that we require a formal and structured framework to be at our peak in Customer Obsession to Nurture, Retain and Acquire more customers/clients/consumers on a day-to-day basis!

Customer obsession starts with understanding our Customers’ EGO (Expectations, Goals & Objectives), and how our product/process/service offerings can help them realize business benefits.


What all will be covered?:

  • Anybody who has “customer obsession” as a focus.
  • Program / Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Business Leaders & Management Teams.
  • Shared services and support units Other roles who wish to drive excellence in their outputs, outcomes and results for Product / Service / Process Innovation, Transformation & Disruption.
  • Experience Reengineering Every Day In & Day Out!.

  • Understanding The Customer Obsession / Focus.
  • Journey Stages – Communal, Serial, Symbiotic & Integral Coordination!.
  • Examples of Customer-Obsessed Companies-Industry Caselets Brief & Participants’ Activity.
  • Obsessed Business:
  • Customer Engagement.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Communication To Connect The Dots Customer Focus – Laser Sharp Outside In Framework For Customer Centricity!.
  • Qualities of Customer Obsession:
  • LEAP Forward! – Listen, Empathize, Analyze & Probe.
  • Respect For Customers.
  • Simplicity – Less is More? – Simple Is Tough!.
  • Communication To Connect The Dots.
  • Customer Focus – Laser Sharp Outside In Framework For Customer Centricity!.
  • Steps to Create a More Customer-Obsessed Culture – Inspire, Institutionalize, Innovate, Implement & Iterate!.
  • One To One Gap Tool! Industry Benchmark Survey Walk-Through; Why is Customer.
  • Obsession Important? – Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Tips, Tricks & Traps! – Participants’ Group Activity!.
  • Customer Retention.
  • Customer Acquisition.
  • Customer Obsession Maturity Model Towards Customer Delight!.
  • Level 1: Customer Service Excellence.
  • Level 2: Customer Relationship Excellence.
  • Level 3: Customer Experience Excellence.
  • Level 4: Customer Centricity Excellence.
  • Level 5: Customer Advocacy Excellence.
  • Customer Relationship Score Card! Do You Want To Keep Your Customers Forever?.
  • Global Survey Walk-Through- Mastering Customer Obsession – KaiZen & Customer.
Workshop participants will appreciate the necessary steps to create a more Customer-Obsessed Culture. The workshop aims to Inspire, Institutionalize, Innovate, Implement & Iterate and prove our customer obsession to result in better outputs, outcomes and results for our clients/consumers/ customers! This workshop is aimed at enabling participants to think of themselves as problem-solvers, helping to make customers’ outcomes more attainable — and that may mean going outside the box or at times new boxes!

To help startups understand what are the problems that are worth solving, what are the solutions and value that they offer their customers & understand whether the product is right and what the customer would be willing to pay for it.

  • Remember the Importance Of NPS (Net Promoter Score) From Customers To Enhance Revenues & Profits.
  • Understand Customer Centric Desires To Ensure Customer Delight.
  • Apply LEAP (Listen, Empathize, Analyze & Probe) Forward Approach For Rich Customer Experience.
  • Analyze Steps To Create Customer-Obsessed Organizational Culture.
  • Evaluate Best Practices & Lessons Learned To Establish Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention Frameworks.
  • Create a One To One Gap Tool Towards Implementing Customer Obsession Strategies In Action.


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Customer Obsession Workshop

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