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An Executive Overview to Agile, Scrum and Kanban Methods - One day Overview Workshop

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An Executive Overview to Agile, Scrum and Kanban methods – One day an Overview Workshop

It is important to set the expectation of different stake holders in the organization on both the benefits and challenges of implementing different flavors of Agile methodologies. This executive workshop provides an overview on Why Agile, what is Agile, Principles and practices of different Agile methods.  Specifically focusing on SCRUM and KANBAN approaches as well as the team scenarios where they fit well and how to leverage the best of both.

Delivery Method

  • The course is a mix of case driven, instructor-led, and self paced learning, designed to enable participants to understand concepts and underlying philosophy of Agile, Scrum and Kanban.
  • The course is very interactive and provides hands on Exercises, Quizzes, Videos and Group activities w.r.t  Scrum and Kanban Approaches

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants should become familiar with Agile and Lean Principles as well as terminologies of Scrum and Kanban approaches
  • At the end of this 1-day workshop, each attendee will:
    • Get clarity on why Agile, what is Agile and what are agile methods and how they are different from traditional life cycle.
    • Get an overview of Scrum Life cycle process, Scrum Terminologies, Roles, Ceremonies, Scrum Practices and artifacts
    • Get an overview of Kanban Method, Values, Principles, Practices and on How to visualize the workflow and steps required to implement a Kanban System
    • Connecting Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban
    • Insights on what approaches or mix of approaches can be applied based on project and team work items context
  • The target audience for the program is a mix of professionals across hierarchies to get insights on the skills required for working as part of Agile teams and wishes to explore path to agility.
  • Senior Managers/Delivery or Department Heads – Stakeholders for Enterprise Agile roll out
  • Project managers, BAs, Architects, Test and Tech leads Quality team,  Process Champions

Course Outline

Introduction to Agile Concepts

  • Why Agile?
  • Traditional vs Agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Principles
  • Popular Agile methods
  • Applicability of Agile Methods
  • Benefits of Agile Methods

Introduction to SCRUM

  • Scrum Basics
  • Scrum Team formation
  • Scrum Roles – Scrum Master, Product Owner, Scrum Team
  • Scrum Terminologies
  • Scrum Life Cycle, Scrum Practices and Artifacts

An Overview to Scrum Life Cycle

  • Product Backlog Items, User stories
  • Release Planning, Sprints and Sprint 0
  • SCRUM Rules / Guidelines
  • Concepts Sprint duration and Sprint cancellation policy
  • Definition of Ready
  • Sprint Planning, Sprint Goal and Sprint Backlog
  • Definition of Done
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Burn Down Charts
  • Product backlog refinement
  • Sprint Review and retrospective
  • Release Burn Down Charts
  • Tracking progress in Scrum and metrics
  • Estimation and Planning in Scrum
  • User Stories – Story card, Conversation and Confirmation

Introduction to Kanban Method

  • Lean Kanban Basics
  • Connecting Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban
  • Evolutionary change vs Big bang change approach
  • Basic Kanban Concepts
  • Core Values, Principles and Practices of Kanban Method?
  • How it is different from Scrum? and What is Scrumban?
  • Where does Kanban approach fit well and Why Lean Kanban approach

An overview to Kanban Method

  • Identify Work items
  • Visualizing the Workflow of work items
  • Value stream and mapping of knowledge discovery process to workflow
  • Setting up and using a Kanban Board
  • Kanban Cards and Ticket Design
  • ‘Input Queues and output Buffers
  • What is Work in Progress (WIP) and Why Limit WIP and Setting WIP Limits
  • Making Policies explicit
  • Measures and Metrics in Kanban – Lead Time, Through Put, Flow efficiency
  • Daily Kanban Meeting
  • Cadences and Rhythm – System Replenishment and Delivery frequency
  • Empirical Feedback
  • Evolving the process and practices in collaboration with team to ensure improvement in the service delivery model

Team Dynamics and Project management in Agile Environment

  • Trust, Collaboration, negotiations and Team communication
  • How the role of the manager changes and on stakeholder involvement
  • Team Ownership and accountability
  • Selecting right set of project types for Agile implementation
  • Agile adoption typical Challenges
  • Critical success Factors
  • Roadmap to successful Agile adoption –  Typical steps

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An Executive Overview to Agile, Scrum and Kanban Methods – One day Overview Workshop

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