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Excellence in Talent Management – A Process Approach

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Excellence in Talent Management – A Process Approach

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of the service industry in India. In addition, many of the services previously delivered by the small-scale, unorganized sector are now increasingly turning large-scale and corporate. Excellence in delivery hinges around three pillars – processes, people and technology – and in the services industry, people become the key differentiator.

The boom in the services industry has brought along its own problems – inadequate experience, high attrition, absenteeism and lack of employee motivation – leading to poor quality of service. Given the large volumes, a process approach to talent management is essential to the survival and growth of any service oriented organization.

In the last few years the quality and process approach has been applied and implemented in many areas – however these approaches have predominantly focused on manufacturing, engineering and software development activities. Very few process and quality models address the issues related to people management.

The objective of this course is to bring in a process orientation to talent management; that include skill management, organization culture, motivation and workforce management. The examples and exercises in this course focus on the service industry.

Workshop Takeaways

  • The Workbook (Hardcopy) with exercises
  • The People CMM Model
  • White Papers and Articles
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Middle to Senior HR professionals;
  • Senior Managers from the delivery/ operations function in these industries;
  • CEOs/ MDs of small organizations,
  • HR Consultants;
  • Quality/ Process Managers
  • Introduction and Background
    • Drivers for Service Excellence
    • People As a Key Driving Force
    • Organizational Perspective V/S Employee Perspective
    • Role of HR
  • Systems Approach to HR Processes
    • Understanding the HR System Architecture
    • Expectation matching at different levels
    • Themes in HR Based Systems
    • Stages of Progression in Improving Workforce Related Systems
    • Measurement and Feedback
    • Implementing the HR System
  • Laying the Foundation: Basic Processes
    • Resource Management Process
    • Hiring Process
    • Performance Management Process
    • Rewards & Recognition Process
    • Compensation Process
    • Employee Engagement Processes
    • Training Process
    • Exit Management Process
    • Facilities and Infrastructure Support
    • Process Interactions
    • Expected Benefits of the Basic Process Implementation
  • Measuring HR Performance
    • Need for Measurement
    • Basics of Measurement
    • Goal-Question-Metric Framework
    • Typical performance measures – cycle time, cost and quality
  • Moving Up: Intermediate Processes
    • Strategic Workforce Planning
    • Competency Framework
    • Career Management Process
    • Delegation of Decision Making for speed and effectiveness
    • Enabling Teamwork
    • Process Interactions
    • Expected Benefits of the Intermediate Process Implementation
  • The Pinnacle: Continuously Delivering Value
    • Multi-Disciplinary and Empowered Team Management Process
    • Knowledge Asset Management
    • Mentoring Process
    • Quantitative Management and Improvement of HR Processes
    • Quantitative Management and Improvement of Competencies
    • Continuous Organizational Alignment
    • Process Interactions
    • Expected Benefits of Continuously Delivering Value
  • Frameworks and Models
    • HR processes in various frameworks and models (ISO 9001, Malcolm Baldridge, People CMM, any other)
    • The People CMM
    • Advantages of Model Based Process Improvement
  • Road-Map Process Implementation
  • Summary
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Excellence in Talent Management – A Process Approach

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