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Business Relationship Management Professional® Foundation Certificate - Live Virtual Training

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BRMP® Foundation Certificate

This section offers a brief description of this course, its learning objectives, format, activities, intended audience and prerequisites.

Course Description
The BRMP® training and certification program is intended as a comprehensive foundation for Business Relationship Managers at every experience level, with the training and certification designed to provide a solid baseline level of knowledge for enabling the participants to establish Business Relationship Management Capability within the organization and maximize value for Internal and External Business partners (Customers).

Course Objectives and syllabus at a glance

Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification.

  • Business Relationship Management as a Capability and a Role(Comprehension)
    • The purpose of this unit is to help the candidate to define the concept of
      Business Relationship Management, and to comprehend and explain the
      concept of Business Relationship Management as a Discipline.
  • The Three key aspects of Business Relationship Management – Connector,
    Orchestrator and Navigator
  • House of BRM
  • The Four core BRM Disciplines – Demand Shaping, Exploring, Servicing and Value Harvesting
  • The characteristics of the BRM role
  • Tools and Techniques for analyzing and improving the Business Relationship Maturity
  • What it means to perform and become a strategic partner, contributing to business strategy formulation and shaping business demand for the provider’s services?
  • Leverage Portfolio Management best practices and techniques to maximize realized business value
  • Business Transition Management and the conditions for successful organizational change programs to minimize value leakage
  • The BRM role in Service Management and alignment of services and service levels with business needs
  • The principles, methods and practices of effective and persuasive communication.

Course Format
This is an instructor led classroom course that uses a combination of lectures, practical group discussions, group assignments and sample exam to provide the student with a foundation understanding of the essential aspects of Business Relationship Management and to prepare them for the Foundation Certificate in Business Relationship Management examination. The course culminates in an hour long, formal examination administered by an accredited Invigilator. The exam takes the form of a closed book, multiple choice examination comprising 50 questions lasting for Forty Minutes. The pass score is 50% (25 out of 50).

Some students may be entitled to additional time – your course director can give more details if required.

While this course has no specific prerequisites, it is assumed that students will have a basic understanding of IT and IT concepts.

Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute)
Incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in February 2013, Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) is the world’s premier membership, professional development, and official certification organization dedicated to building and maintaining Business Relationship Management (BRM) professional standards and serving the single global BRM community.

BRM Institute provides world-­class professional membership and development programs to advance the art and discipline of business relationship management worldwide. Through BRM professional standards, organizations can grow their BRM capability and roles to drive business strategy, strengthen cross-­functional collaboration, and champion a culture of creativity, innovation, and shared ownership across the enterprise. This transformation
results in holistic and innovative strategies created to deliver their intended business value results.


BRMP® and Business Relationship Management Professional® are trademarks of Business Relationship Management Institute, Inc.

“The Business Relationship Management Professional® training is delivered by Fox IT India, an APMG-International Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for BRMP®.”

Exam: Exam will be on the 4th day of the training.

Mode of Exam: Online web proctored Examination.

Intended Audience
This course is Intended for IT managers, IT Leaders, Business Relationship Managers, Account Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Service Owners, Project Managers, Business Analyst, Product Owners, Solution Architects, External Service Providers.

Business Relationship Management practitioners involved in the strategy, design, and adoption of Business Relationship Management Capability and who require a deeper understanding BRM BOK (Business Relationship Management Body of Knowledge).

It offers a natural career development path for those who already hold the Professional Certifications in the domain of IT Service Management (ITIL®, ITIL® Intermediate or ITIL® Expert) IT Governance (COBIT®, Project Management (PMP or PRINCE 2, Scrum (Certified Scrum Master or Certified Product Owner) and Agile (Agile Foundation or Agile Certified Practitioner)

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP ®) Course Content
NOTE – The trainer will arrange the exact timing of morning, afternoon and lunch breaks.

Day – 1
Key Learning Outcomes for Delegates
Duration (Minutes)
BRM Overview
  • Can explain the goals and objectives of the BRM role.
  • Understand why the BRM role is gaining importance and how it is evolving in response to business and provider forces.
  • Explain the concepts of Business Demand Maturity and Provider Supply Maturity and how these impact the BRM role.
  • Understand the drivers of relationship maturity and can differentiate between tactical and strategic BRM roles and how these relate to order taker, trusted consultant and strategic business partner.
  • Can explain common BRM reporting and organizing structures.
150 Minutes (9:30 AM – 1:00 PM)
Strategic Partnering
  • Understand “Demand Shaping” to increase value realization from provider investments, services and assets.
  • Can use a Strategic Relationship Management Process and Tools to strengthen business partner and provider relationships.
  • Understand how and where to engage in your business partner’s decision cycle.
  • Co­develop, with your business partner, a Relationship Strategy-on­a­Page as a mutual Relationship Contract.
210 Minutes (2:00 PM– 5:30 PM)


Day – 2
Key Learning Outcomes for Delegates
Duration (Minutes)
Business IQ
  • Understand the concepts of Value Leakage and the BRMs role in minimizing this.
  • Understand the concepts of Capability Roadmaps and how these are derived from business strategy.
  • Understand the concepts of Value Management and how these link business strategy, provider strategy, portfolio and the business case to shape priorities, communicate and drive business value.
120 Minutes (9:30 AM – 11:30 AM)
Portfolio Management
  • Understand how Portfolio Management is the central mechanism for a Value Management Process.
  • Understand how to apply Portfolio Management to the entire life cycle of provider investments, from managing new investments, optimizing existing investments and retiring old investments.
  • Be familiar with two common Portfolio Classification schemes and how they are applied to achieve a Portfolio Balancing.
120 Minutes (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM)
Business Transition Management
  • Understand what Business Transition Management is, why it is important to BRM, and the components of a Business Transition Capability Model.
  • Understand how to create urgency for stakeholders.
  • Understand the key roles to be orchestrated for successful business transition.
  • Understand key change leadership concepts.
120 Minutes (2:30 PM – 5:00 PM)


Day – 3
Key Learning Outcomes for Delegates
Duration (Minutes)
Provider Domain
  • Understand the value-­centric definition of a service.
  • Understand the important distinctions between Products and Services and the implications for the BRM.
  • Understand the different aspects of service value and how service provider constraints impact the role of the BRM.
120 Minutes (9:30 AM– 11:30 AM)
Powerful Communications
  • Understand the components of ‘powerful communications’.
  • Understand how to influence those over whom they do not have direct control.
  • Can express themselves through a unique value proposition.
120 Minutes (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM)
Examination Preparation
  • Review of Key Concepts and Sample Exams
90 Minutes (2:30 PM – 4:00 PM)


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Business Relationship Management Professional® Foundation Certificate – Live Virtual Training

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