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Transforming the Recruitment and Onboarding Experiences

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With employee expectations increasing radically we need to redesign how we recruit talent and develop them. Recruitment processes also creates the first impression on employees that ultimately get recruited or acts as a positive word of mouth to attract new candidates. Key stakeholders have lots of ideas and thoughts to improve the engagement process which needs to be harnessed quickly, prototypes created and feedback taken in an agile manner.

The objective is to streamline and transform the recruitment processes in order to be attractive for new potential talent. The transformational processes of onboarding experiences will ensure a positive mindset of new talent in the workplace.

What all will be covered?:

  • Involve key decision makers and stakeholders to share their ideas, some of them crazy.
  • Prioritize on the key themes and aspirations.
  • Create quick and multiple prototypes for feedbacks.
  • Select specific ideas to work on further.
  • Service Blueprint- Pains and Gains, Affinity Diagram.
  • SHMW.
  • Idea Blitz.

  • Innovative Ideas to improve the recruitment experience.
  • Innovative ideas to develop employee skills and capabilities.
  • Quick prototypes and visual representation of innovative solutions.
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    Transforming the Recruitment and Onboarding Experiences

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