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Enhancing Employee Experiences

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Organizations want to be the employer of choice to attract and retain the right talent. An integral part of this is to enrich the experience of employees at various engagement touchpoints. With employees coming from the millennial segment it has become imperative that we empathize and design employee engagement models where they are able to freely express themselves.

Who should join?

  • Chief people officers.
  • HR directors.HR managers.Talent acquisition.Organization and development Managers.
  • HR transformation and analytics managers.
  • Employee experience managers.

Objective is to discover the right focus areas for interventions and defining the right problem to solve from the employees perspective rather than just duplicating best practices from industry. This is subsequently taken up for idea generation and prototyping.

What all will be covered?:

  • Map the experiences – Build empathy with employees by mapping the experiences, touchpoints, technologies and efforts employees have to undertake for critical processes likerecording activity efforts, interacting with clients or other teams, appraisal process or any escalation process.
  • Gain insights on challenges they face using Rose, Thorn, Bud technique.
  • Framing of aspirational “To be State” from the employee’s perspective using the ‘How Might We’ statements.
  • Empathy Map – Pains and Gains.
  • HMW- A Human Centered challenge.
  • SCAMPER technique.

  • Key insights on challenges employees are facing rather than just asking them.
  • Empathizing with employees.
  • An ideal “To Be State” and what specific actions need to be designed.
  • First level ideas generated using SCAMPER technique.
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    Enhancing Employee Experiences

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