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Q. What is Certification?
A. A certificate is a formal recognition that states successful completion of a specialized program of study. It is not a registration or license.

Q. What are the benefits of certification?
A. Benefits of certification: For individuals Enhanced job opportunities Enhanced proficiency and knowledge Enhanced credibility Competitive edge in industry For organizations Reduce induction time and effort Improve productivity of the staff


Q. How to apply for certification?
A. Application procedure:

For Individuals Fill the online application form for individuals and make the required payment. An acknowledgement mail shall be sent by QAI containing the details of possible examination dates and center. In case you have opted for elearning module also you will get the login details for the elearning module also. Confirm the date for examination and choice of center. Based on the confirmation and other details, the admit card for the exam shall be sent by QAI through email. Appear for the exam on the scheduled date and venue.

Results of the exam shall be communicated through email to all participants with 22 working days from the date of taking the exam. Certificates shall be dispatched to successful candidates on the postal address provided during application within 30 working days of completing the exam.


For Corporate: Fill the online application form for organizations. Client servicing/ Business Development Executives from QAI shall approach through email/ fax/ phone  (within 5 days of submitting the application) to facilitate rest of the formalities

Q. What are the prerequisites for taking the certification exam?
A. Each certification exam has its own set of prerequisites in terms of Experience requirements Educational qualification elearning modules to be completed prior to taking the exam These details regarding the pre-requisites and the waivers (if any) would be available in the pre-requisites section for each of the certification exam.

In order to ensure that you clear the test successfully and do not encounter any problems in the exam center please ensure the following: Complete all the assigned elearning modules before appearing for the exam (if you have opted for the same) While answering the case studies and subjective question please make sure that you document all the assumptions that you have made

There is no negative marking for wrong answer so it is advisable that you attempt all the questions Read the instructions carefully before attempting the section Do not carry scientific calculators, mobile phones or any other electronic gadget to the exam center. Only basic calculators (without alphabetic keyboard) would be allowed in the exam hall. Remember it is not an open exam


Q. What is the Payment policy (cancellation, rescheduling & absence)?
A. In case the payment is not received your application will not be processed. You can make payments by various modes like check, money order, bank draft or any internationally accepted credit card.

Cancellation: In case you need to cancel your application for the exam, you need to send an email to the edistacertifications. The email should reach QAI atleast 10 working days prior to the exam. In case the elearning modules have already been released to you the refund amount will include only the certification exam fees minus the application processing fees i.e. USD 30/-. In case the elearning modules have not been released, you will receive the entire amount minus the application processing fees i.e. USD 30/-.

Rescheduling: You are allowed only one opportunity to reschedule your original exam date. Any subsequent rescheduling request would lead to an additional fee of USD 50/-. Request for rescheduling must reach QAI atleast 10 working days prior to the exam. Reschedule requests can be made by sending an email to edistacertifications.

Absence: If you do not appear for the exam without prior notification you will forfeit all fees and would need to reapply.


Q. What would be the format of exam?
A. Each certification exam would consist of 3 sections: Objective Type Questions – can have Multiple Choice questions, True/ False and/or Fill in the blanks Subjective Questions – can contain short answer questions, numerical etc Case Studies – can contain questions based on case studies or scenario based questions

The weightage for each of the section may wary depending on the area being examined the details of weightages would be available in Format of Exam section for each of the certification exam.


Q. When and how would the exam be conducted?
A. All the exams would be proctored. The exact date of the exam and the details of the exam center would be communicated to the candidates through email, following the completion of the registration process.


Q. What are the recertification/ maintenance requirements for the certificate?
A. In order to ensure the quality and credibility of the certification each certificate has a validity of 3 years. To maintain your certificate you would need to clear a re-certification exam.

In case of re-certification exam it is not mandatory to go through the training material again. The expiry date of certification is mentioned on the certificate itself.

You will get a grace period of 3 months within which you must complete the re-certification formalities else your certificate will expire and you will need to take the certification exam again.

Q. What is the evaluation and grading methodology?
A. Each of the exam paper is set by a panel of experts who ensure that the each and every certification exam and all the versions of the exam are equally challenging. Experts evaluate all the exam papers. The examinee needs to clear each section and the overall exam with predetermined passing percentage.

Passing percentage for each exam would vary and the details of the same can be obtained from the corresponding certification program details “Format of Exam” section.


Q. If one fails the exam what is the retake policy?
A. If you fail an exam you can take a retest after an interval of atleast 1 month from the date of taking the exam.


Q. How and where are the results published?
A. The final scores of the exam would be posted to the individuals through email and the certificates for the successful candidates would reach them on their postal address. Typically the exam results would reach you within 1 month from the date of taking the exam, the exact dates would be communicated through email.