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Overview to People Capability Maturity Model (OPCMM)

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Overview to People Capability Maturity Model

While we accept that most of today’s service and knowledge businesses are talent driven and that people are our biggest assets, historically, (at least the IT) organizations have focused more on proactively improving their delivery processes and their investments in technology.

In fact, the current global hue-and-cry on talent shortfalls and high attrition rates in IT/ITES are only a tip of the iceberg. At the business level, there are imperatives like improving productivity, moving-up the value chain, enhancing competitiveness and getting closer to the customers. At the organization level, issues like managing a multi-cultural and multi-geography workforce, managing rapid growth and creating “cool” work cultures continue to take a large mind-share of business leaders and HR professionals. All this, while today’s professional is trying to get multi-skilled and chart a clear career path for herself.

So, its not good enough to win the “talent wars”. Its also not enough to try solutions (like Business Process Reengineering, Employee Stock Options, Assessment Centers and 360-degre appraisals) in a piece-meal manner. Instead, the need of the hour is to take a holistic view of the organization’s business, culture, technology and talent needs. And adapt solutions based on an integrated and proactive approach towards developing & engaging talent, growing the business and delighting the customers

The People Capability Maturity Model® (People CMM®) is a maturity framework developed at the CMMI® Institute that guides organizations in improving their ability to attract, develop, motivate, organize, and retain talent.

It provides an evolutionary 5-level improvement path from ad hoc, inconsistently performed people (or human resources) practices, to a mature, disciplined development of the knowledge, skills, and motivation of the workforce. The practices included in the People CMM have been chosen from past global experience because they have significant impact on individual, team, unit and organizational performance.


Course Objectives
The participants will understand:

  • The rationale and philosophy behind the design of the People CMM® and the enhancements in Version 2
  • The overall architecture, 5 maturity levels, and 22 process areas of the People CMM®, Version 2
  • How to continuously enhance the capabilities of individuals
  • How teams are systematically developed and empowered across maturity levels
  • The use of increasingly sophisticated people processes to meet current and future business objectives
  • How to benchmark the organization’s current workforce practices against the model

Course Benefits

  • Ability to interpret and implement the People CMM® in different types of organizations
  • Understanding of how to balance business imperatives with individual aspirations
  • Learn how to align people process improvements with ongoing/past quality initiatives for their cross leveraging
  • Appreciate methods for holistic talent engagement and for becoming “An Employer of Choice”
  • Gain insights into addressing talent and culture issues in high-growth businesses
  • Learn about approaches towards building a high-performance organization
  • HR professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Senior managers
  • Quality professionals
  • Need for People CMM
  • Global usage patterns and case studies
  • Architecture of the model
  • Overview of each maturity level:
    • Level 2 – Managed (Staffing, Communication and Coordination, Work Environment, Performance Management, Training and Development, Compensation)
    • Level 3 – Defined (Competency Analysis, Workforce Planning, Competency Development, Career Development, Competency-Based Practices, Workgroup Development, Participatory Culture)
    • Level 4 – Predictable (Competency Integration, Empowered Workgroups, Competency-Based Assets, Quantitative Performance Management, Organizational Capability Management, Mentoring)
    • Level 5 – Optimizing (Continuous Capability Development, Organizational Performance Alignment, Continuous Workforce Innovation)
  • People CMM® Road Map and Assessment
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Overview to People Capability Maturity Model (OPCMM)

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