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Cost of Quality-Live Virtual Training

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This offering is for

  • For Business Leaders and Middle Management wanting to identify cost reduction opportunities in their Process / Program / Business and implement Continuous Improvement initiatives.
  • All Six sigma professionals (BB/MBB) to help them identify Process Improvement Opportunities, and quantify the costs post improvement in terms of Revenue and Cost Savings.


  • Help understand the components (Prevention Costs, Appraisal Cost, Failure Costs) of Cost of Quality (COQ).
  • Understand activities that are covered for each component of COQ and accordingly derive cost for each activity.
  • Understand relationship between COQ components and Process Improvement Initiatives.
  • Duration for session shall be for 4 hrs.

USP of the offering

  • This is a non-standard program, with a potential to draw attention of Business Leaders who would be keen to reduce costs.


  • Voice of Business : Undertanding the Business Context for COQ.
  • History & Definition of Cost of Quality (COQ).
  • Understanding Iceberg of COQ – Visible & Hidden Costs.
  • Components of Cost of Quality (Prevention, Appraisal, Failure).
  • Activities related to each Component of COQ.
  • Concept of 1:10:100 Rule.
  • Optimum Cost of Quality Model.
  • Approaches to reduce COQ.
  • Overview to Quality Cost Models (PAF, Taguchi Loss Function, Cost Benefit Analysis).

Pre Requisite

  • For Business Leaders, Middle Management, Six Sigma Practitioners (BB/MBB) who have an idea of cost estimation for their Process / Program / Business. Deriving components of Cost such as Cost of Service, Total Cost of Service, Cost Benefit Analysis etc.

Course Outline

1. What is Quality ?

2. Definitions of Quality?

3. Dimensions of Quality for Product & Service

4. Evolution of Quality

5. Introduction to Quality Management System (QMS), Overview to QMS & Quality Policy

6. Why Quality is Important?

7. Cost of Quality

  • Appraisal Cost – Inspection (In process, Final), Measuring, Testing, Calibration
  • Prevention Cost – Process Performance Review, System Audit (QMS) – Internal & External, Training – Internal & External, Vendor Selection & Evaluation
  • Failure Cost (COPQ) – Cost of Poor Quality
  • Internal Failures – Errors / Defects / Defectives – rework
  • External Failure – Penalties, Loss of market share, Product Recalls & Rework
  • Concept of Hidden Factory, 1:10:100 Rule, Iceberg Model of COQ,

8. Approaches to reduce COQ

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Cost of Quality-Live Virtual Training

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