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BDD through Cucumber

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BDD through Cucumber Workshop

Behaviour Driven Development has proven to be one of the most effective methodologies for Agile Teams in terms of transforming a User Story into an objective specification with no room for churn, underestimation or confusion in terms of scope. One of the primary reasons it has achieved this success is because it brings a common language comprehendible by all alike. Cucumber has been at the forefront of creating this ubiquitous, objective specification for any requirements in hand so as to avoid any pitfalls in design and scope of a user story or overall system.
This workshop aims at equipping audiences with the power of BDD using Cucumber as a tool. We go through a sample application with hands-on exercises throughout the workshop, so that they can start practicing the methodology and the tool to build better features throughout the project / product lifecycle.



  1. Agile & Scrum
  2. Extreme Programming
  3. Use Cases and the problem with bloated specification
  4. Use Cases vs. User Stories

 Behaviour Driven Development

  1. Introduction
  2. Let’s build a calculator
  3. BDD as a design / specification methodology


  1. Writing the right user story
  2. Discovering behaviours
  3. Exercise (One of)
    1. Money Converter
    2. Parking Lot
    3. Roulette
  4. The Gherkin Syntax
    1. Specification by example
    2. Features & Scenarios
    3. Scenario Outline & Background
    4. Using Tables
    5. Multiline Specification Examples
  5. Deriving specifications from user stories written in activity number 10.

Cucumber Advanced

  1. Framework Integrations (As per customer request)
    1. Either of Ruby on Rails or Spring / Java
    2. Selenium

Advanced Tooling for Mobile (Optional)

  1. Appium Overview
  2. Calabash Overview

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BDD through Cucumber

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