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Docker Workshop

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Docker Workshop

Course Overview

Docker has revolutionised internet and cloud based services with a simple solution that has its basis in the well established convention of over configuration and DRY principles. We believe it is imperative for Enterprises to include this tool in their armour for optimising the much bloated build, release and deployment procedures that exist in the non-Docker world.

This workshop helps participants understand the underlying technology of Docker containers, including but not limited to how is it different from Virtual Machines, how it works and not to miss, how to use it for revolutionising continuous delivery pipeline with disposable infrastructure.

Target Audience

  • Infrastructure Automation Engineers
  • Developers, Test Automation Engineers
  • Solutions Architects

1. Introduction

  • About Docker
  • Docker vs Virtualisations
  • Architecture and Major components
  • Example Use Cases
  • Installing Docker
  • Using the Docker Virtual Machine

2. Containers and Images

  • Building a simple Image
  • Automating Image creation
  • Commands to control
    • Docker Machine
    • Docker Engine
    • Running Docker containers and background processes
    • Docker File System, linking to Storage, Logging
  • Docker Networking Basics
  • Creating and simple local development workflow
  • Running Images

3. Hub & Registry

  • Publishing to Registry
  • Hosting a Docker Registry
  • Using a private Docker registry
  • Security considerations in private hosted setup
  • Private / Public setups
  • Security and TLS
  • Setting up your own Registry
  • Docker Trusted Registry

4. Container Networking

  • Connecting containers
  • Advanced Dockerfiles
  • Orchestration

5. Docker API
6. Container Volumes Advanced
7. Controlling the Docker daemon
8. Docker Machine
9. Docker Swarm
10. Building micro service applications
11. Docker Compose
12. Managing Docker through Infrastructure as Code practices

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Docker Workshop

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