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AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

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Day 01: Get started and develop decision support solutions with Azure AI Services

  • Prepare to develop AI solutions on Azure.
  • Create and consume Azure AI services.
  • Use a REST API and an SDK.
  • Secure Azure AI services.
  • Implement network security.
  • Monitor Azure AI services.
  • Deploy Azure AI services in containers.
  • Classify and moderate text with Azure Content Moderator.
  • Make recommendations with Azure AI Personalizer.
  • Exercise – Use Azure AI services.
  • Exercise – Manage Azure AI Services Security.
  • Exercise – Monitor Azure AI services.
  • Exercise – Use a container.
  • Exercise – Test text moderation by using the API testing console.
  • Exercise: Use AI Personalizer with Visual Studio Code Notebooks to simulate a loop.


Day 02: Create computer vision solutions with Azure AI Vision

  • Analyse images.
  • Classify images.
  • Detect objects in images.
  • Detect, analyse, and recognize faces.
  • Read Text in images and documents with the Azure AI Vision Service.
  • Analyze video.
  • Exercise – Analyze images with Azure AI Vision.
  • Exercise – Classify images with Azure AI Custom Vision.
  • Exercise – Detect objects in images with Azure AI Custom Vision.
  • Exercise – Detect, analyze, and identify faces.
  • Exercise – Read text in images.
  • Exercise – Analyze video.

Day 03: Develop natural language processing solutions with Azure AI Services

  • Analyze text with Azure AI Language.
  • Build a question answering solution.
  • Build a conversational language understanding model.
  • Create a custom text classification solution.
  • Create a custom named entity extraction solution.
  • Translate text with Azure AI Translator service.
  • Create speech-enabled apps with Azure AI services.
  • Translate speech with the Azure AI Speech service.
  • Exercise – Analyze text.
  • Exercise – Create a question answering solution.
  • Exercise – Build an Azure AI services conversational language understanding model.
  • Exercise – Classify text.
  • Exercise – Extract custom entities.
  • Exercise – Translate text with the Azure AI Translator service.
  • Exercise – Create a speech-enabled app.
  • Exercise – Translate speech.

Day 04: Develop Solutions with Azure Cognitive Search, Azure AI Document Intelligence and Azure OpenAI Service

  • Create an Azure AI Search solution.
  • Create a custom skill for Azure AI Search.
  • Create a knowledge store with Azure AI Search.
  • Extract data from forms with Azure Document Intelligence.
  • Build natural language solutions with Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Apply prompt engineering with Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Use your own data with Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Exercise – Create a search solution.
  • Exercise – Implement a custom skill.
  • Exercise – Create a knowledge store.
  • Exercise – Extract data from custom forms.
  • Exercise – Integrate Azure OpenAI into your app.
  • Exercise – Utilize prompt engineering in your application.
  • Exercise – Use your own data with Azure OpenAI Service.
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AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

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