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Software Configuration Management Professional (SCMP)

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Most software projects miss deadlines, exceed budgets, and result in poor-quality products. One reason for this is poor management of the changes that are identified and incorporated throughout a software project. Software Configuration Management (SCM) is a disciplined approach for change management that is applied all through a software project to implement changes without adversely impacting the quality.

SCM is the process of managing products, facilities and processes by managing the information about them, including changes, and ensuring they are what they are supposed to be in every case. Proper application of the SCM process shortens the product development cycle, improves quality, reduces the cost associated with unwanted change, and helps build integrity into systems.

The need for configuration management has increased as many organizations have found SCM processes and implementation efficient and beneficial for their operation. This has led to the increasing demand for configuration management personnel who possess the skills to implement efficient SCM processes. Many IT practitioners are therefore considering undergoing configuration management certification programs to attest and highlight their capability in configuration management process.

This certification program will test the participant’s knowledge and skills to:

  • To understand various concepts of SCM and the tasks in the SCM process
  • Understand and apply change management process
  • Define and implement SCM process i.e.
    • Configuration identification
    • Change control
    • Version control
    • Configuration auditing
    • Reporting
  • Prepare SCM plan for projects
  • Implement SCM related activities effectively

Elearning Courses for SCMP

SE401: An Overview to Software Configuration Management
Duration: 9 hours

SE402: The Tasks in the SCM Process
Duration: 9.5 hours

Target Audience

  • Software engineers with 0-2 years of experience
  • IT professionals who want to develop capability in SCM


  • Education: Atleast a graduate or equivalent
  • Software engineers with 0-2 years of experience
  • Basic knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle

Application Validity

  • Each application is valid for a period of One Year.

Recommended Reading

  • e-Learning Modules
    • SE 401: An Overview to Software Configuration Management
    • SE 402: The Tasks in the SCM Process
  • Books and papers
    • Configuration Management: Coordination for Team Productivity, Babich, W., Software
    • Software Configuration Management, Berlack, H.R.
    • Software Configuration Management: An Investment in Product Integrity, Bersoff, E.H., Henderson V.D., and Seigel, S.G.
    • IEEE Std 610.12-1990, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Inc.
    • A Practitioner’s Approach, Pressman, R.S, Software Engineering
    • Software Requirements, Weigers, K.
    • Replacing Version Control with Job Control, Proceedings 2 nd International Workshop on Software Configuration Management
    • Code Complete, McConnell, S.

Format of Exam

  • Exam duration: 2 hours
    (40 min Objective, 50 min Subjective, 30 min Case study)
  • Question paper consists of following sections:
    • Section 1 Objective: 40% weightage (40 questions, 40 marks)
    • Section 2 Subjective: 40% weightage (10 – 12 questions, 40 marks)
    • Section 3 Case Study: 20% weightage (1 case studies with 2 options to choose from, 20 marks)
  • Passing percentage
    • For each of the 3 sections: 60%
    • Overall percentage in certification exam: 75%

The Next Step

You are now ready to register for the certification program by using any one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Prepare through elearning course and then take the certification exam.
  • Option 2: Apply for the certification exam directly.
  • Option 3: Inquire for Certification at organization level or a group of people.Write to us with your preferred option at certifications@qaiglobal.comApplication Fee : US$ 100
    Application Fee + elearning course : US$ 170