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The QAI Global Institute was founded on the premise of having an association of IT professionals who shared knowledge and experiences in order to broaden and strengthen the recognition of the IT practitioner and IT industry. Since then, the Institute has created a worldwide network of IT professionals, developed over the past 25 years, resulting in relationships with world–class industry leaders.The membership program supports and promotes the practitioner by providing means by which he/she may grow his/her knowledge base. Subscribing to a membership is an investment made in the individual – receiving access to a wealth of information on a month by month basis, and discounted prices on almost all purchases made from the QAI Global Institute (including training, seminars, conferences, and QAI products) for the duration of the membership.

The Institute also supports regional Chapters that focus their attention towards providing local professionals with resources to promote their continued pursuit of knowledge and skill building.

Membership Objectives:

To connect IT quality assurance and software testing professionals through a community of networking opportunities. This community fosters the transfer of knowledge and experiences between industry leaders. Leading edge Best Practices are shared among members and compiled into a repository of reference material that is continuously updated throughout the year.

Membership is offered on both Individual and Corporate levels.