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Testing Big Data Applications

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Testing Big Data Applications

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of business analytics, Database & Data warehouse concepts and ETL processing. This will help the participants to get clear idea on the purpose of Big Data processing.
  • Understand Big Data and the functioning of Hadoop framework
  • Obtain knowledge on the purpose and functioning of Hadoop Eco system
  • Obtain knowledge on NoSQL databases and its importance
  • Refresh the knowledge of ETL testing methods.
  • Understand the basic testing focal areas in big data projects

Client Responsibilities:

  • LCD Projector for projection
  • Two White boards
  • Conference Hall to seat the participants
  • Access to related Software and Infrastructure for the training.

Delivery Method:

Instructor based Class room training, with a small exercise at the end to assist recapping what was learnt.


  • Faculty Member for the training program
  • Master copy of the course notes [Soft Copy Format]
  • Exercises Copies
  • Course Handouts, if any

This course is intended for:

  • Individuals who are responsible for testing Hadoop Applications
  • Test Managers/leads/teams who would aspire to learn about fundamentals of big data and hadoop


Introduction to Class

  • Participants
  • Familiarization with course material
  • Familiarization with the protocols and timings
  • Expectation setting and clarifications

Basic Concepts on

  • Database
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • ETL
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Analytics

Big Data Introduction and Overview

  • How is Data – Then and Now
  • What is Big Data?
  • Big Data – 3Vs
  • Big Data – Data Sources
  • New model of data storage
  • Technology stack of Big Data
  • Overview of Apache Software foundation

NoSQL Database Introduction

  • Database Categories
  • What is NoSQL Database?

Hadoop Components – HDFS Introduction

  • Hadoop and its components
  • Hadoop Core Components – HDFS and MapReduce
  • Hadoop’s Ecosystem its features and components

Hadoop Components – MapReduce Introduction

  • Overview of MapReduce
  • MapReduce Use Cases

Day 2
Hadoop Components – Hive Introduction

  • Introduction and Overview of Hive
  • Application areas of hive
  • Hive Architecture

Hadoop Components – Pig Introduction

  • Introduction and Overview of PIG
  • Architecture of Pig

Hadoop Components – HBase Introduction

  • History and Overview of HBase
  • HBase Architecture

Introduction of Data Ingestion tools, Flume and Sqoop
How Big Data Testing is different from traditional ETL Testing

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Testing Big Data Applications

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