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SOA Web Testing

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SOA Web Testing

This course provides a brief introduction to the concept of testing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications. SOA testing introduces new challenges. This course starts with an overview of SOA fundamentals and then looks into what is involved in testing SOA applications. The course also looks into some of the popular SOA testing tools in the market and demonstrates features of one such tool (selected by customer) and provides hands-on exercises to re-enforce learning.

Workshop Benefits

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Understand the Service-Oriented Architecture, its Principles and Benefits
  • Get a grip on the hyped topic of “SOA is not WebServices”
  • Understand WebServices, the most significant implementation model for SOA
  • Get a refresher on XML
  • Understand the differences between Traditional testing methods and the paradigms needed for testing WebServices
  • Understand the key characteristics of WebServices
  • Explore different aspects of WSDL
  • Explore different Test Strategies for SOA-based applications
  • SOA Testing and Open source Tools
  • Understand functional testing, compliance testing and load testing of WebServices
  • Identify bug-finding ideas in testing WebServices

The course is appropriate for both Novice and Experienced Testers who are not familiar with SOA/WebServices testing but have fundamental knowledge/experience in functional testing

  • Introduction to program
  • Service oriented architecture
  • SOA Testing
  • Refresher on XML
  • Understanding WSDL
  • Testing Web Services
  • Functional Testing of Web Services using SOAPUI
  • Groovi and SOAPUI
  • Performance testing of Web Services
  • Survey of SOA testing tools
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SOA Web Testing

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