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  • MSP® represents proven programme management good practices in the successful delivery of transformational change, through the application of programme management.
  • MSP® consists of a set principles, governance themes and a transformational flow to provide the route map for the programme lifecycle. It is very flexible and can be to tailored to serve the needs of any circumstances.
  • Today’s organisations exist in a climate of constant and increasing change (VUCA). Organizations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control are more likely to survive and prosper. Programme management is increasingly being recognized as key to enabling organizations to manage that transformation.
  • MSP® 5th edition emphasizes more on flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness by adopting an incremental approach to the programme lifecycle and thus enabling organizational agility.

Any professional associated with delivery of programs including:

  • Program Manager.
  • Senior Project Managers.
  • Senior Managemen Team.
  • Delivery Managers.
  • Business Change Managers.
  • Project Sponsors.
  • Operations Managers.
  • PMO Staff.


  • Applies a common framework for all programmes.
  • Adds value by concentrating on benefits.
  • Helps the alignment of corporate strategy, delivery mechanisms for change and business-as-usual environment.
  • Improves productivity through progress monitoring, performance assessment and benefits realization.
  • Assists in future strategies refinement by encouraging feedback.
  • Offers best practice guidance to all organisations of any type or size.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is a 4 day training course, which covers the syllabi for foundation and practitioner exam levels.

    • The Foundation Level is the first qualification that is required to become a MSP® Practitioner. This level aims to measure whether a candidate could act as an informed member of a program management team on a Program using the MSP® method, within an environment supporting MSP®. To this end they need to show they understand the principles and terminology of the method.
    • The Foundation Exam Format is an hour of multiple choice questions (Closed book). 36 out of 60 correct answers are required to pass.


  • The Practitioner Level Candidates must pass the Foundation exam before proceeding to the Practitioner level. The Practitioner Level aims to measure whether the candidate is able to apply MSP® methods to the managing of a Program.
  • The Practitioner Exam is a “Scenario based” examination lasting two and half hours comprising of 70 questions. This is an open – book format and the minimum pass mark is now 60%.

NOTE: It is possible to take the Foundation Level Certificate Examination only.

Deliverables of this program include:

  • Training Course-notes in Soft copy.
  • MSP® Exam Vouchers (F & P).
  • Official MSP® manual in soft copy (comes alongwith exam booking).
  • Foundation and Practitioner Sample papers.
  • Course completion certificate.


This training program would be delivered as an instructor-led program at client premises or in Virtual instructor-led.


  • This program has been very carefully crafted with the right content, context and examples keeping in mind the Foundation and Practitioner exams.
  • The primary objective of this training is to prepare candidates to take up the foundation and practitioner exams.
  • Participants would be led, not lectured through a combination of presentations, practical examples and discussions.
  • Class sizes are kept small to facilitate better interactions and discussions.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced to provide a great learning experience to candidates.

DURATION: Foundation – 24 Hours; Practitioner – 32 Hours


  • Why invest in a Programme.
  • Introduction to MSP® Framework.
  • What is Programme and Programme Management.
  • The Programme Environment.
  • The Three Lenses – Principles, Themes and Porcesses.
  • Introductory Quiz.


  • Charateristics of MSP® Principles.
  • Lead with purpose.
  • Collaborate across boundaries.
  • Deal with ambiguity.
  • Align with priorities.
  • Deploy diverse skills.
  • Realize measurable benefits.
  • Bring pace and value.
  • Quiz.


  • The Themes.
  • Programme Governance.
  • PDCA Cycle.
  • Programme Strategy.
  • Programe Plans.
  • Quiz.


  • Governance approach.
  • Risk Appetite.
  • The Programme Organization.
  • Governance Boards and supporting offices.
  • Sponsoring Group.
  • Program Board.
  • Programme Office.
  • SRO, Programme Manager and Business Change Managers responsibilities.
  • Tailoring Programme Governanace.
  • Additional Governance support offices.
  • Additional Individual roles.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Approach.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan.
  • Stakeholder Prioritization – Stakeholder Networks.
  • Quiz.


  • Design Approach.
  • Programme Vision, Benefits, Target Operating Model.
  • Path to benefits.
  • Preparing a Benefits Map.
  • Measuring and realizing Benefits.
  • Risks at Programme Level.
  • Risk prioritization – Likelihood-Impact, Heatmap, Risk Connectivity.
  • Developing the Target Operating Model – Current and Future states.
  • Quiz .


  • Programme Mandate, Programme Brief and Business case.
  • Funding Approach.
  • Investment appraisal.
  • Calculating Financial Contingency.
  • Quiz.


  • Delivery Approach – Balancing Achievability and affordability.
  • Preparing Delivery Plan.
  • Tranches & Landing Points.
  • Multimodal Delivery.
  • Benefits Realization Planning.
  • Resourcing Approach.
  • Quiz .


  • Knowledge and Learning Approach.
  • Explicit and Tacit knowledge.
  • Knowledge vs. Information.
  • Knowledge Management in a Programme environment.
  • Information Management Approach.
  • Quiz.


  • Assurance Approach.
  • The Three lines of Defense – first, Secod and Third lines.
  • Assurance Planning.
  • Success factors for Assurance.
  • Steps of assurance activities.
  • Quiz.


  • Decision Making Approach.
  • Decision Register.
  • Layers of decision making.
  • Issue Resolution Approach.
  • Risk Response Approach.
  • Risk Response types.
  • Data Gathering and Reporting – Looking backwards and Looking forward.
  • Quiz.


  • Introduction to Processes – The Transformational Flow.
  • Identify the programme.
  • Design the outcomes.
  • Plan progressive delivery.
  • Deliver the capabilities.
  • Embed the outcomes.
  • Evaluate new information.
  • Close the programme.
  • Quiz .


  • Doubt clearing session.
  • Taking full-length Foundation mock exam (1 hour).
  • Exam question discussion .


  • Doubt clearing session.
  • Practitioner exam writing guidance.
  • Taking full-length Practitioner mock exam (2.5 hours).
  • Exam question discussion .
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MSP Foundation & Practitioner

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