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HDI Knowledge Centered Support

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HDI Knowledge Centered Support

This Knowledge Management best-practices course will provide support center supervisors, managers, and directors with a set of practical steps for capturing, storing, and successfully reusing knowledge. Participants will learn how to implement a strategy for adopting Knowledge-Centered Support that creates and maintains knowledge as a by-product of the incident management process.


  • How to efficiently create and maintain quality, easy-to-find content in the knowledge base
  • A process for monitoring the quality of knowledge.
  • Ways to motivate support analysts to use the knowledge base and to effectively assess individual and team contributions
  • How you can minimize or eliminate the need for a knowledge engineering function.
  • How to articulate the value of knowledge management practices for your organization

Support Professionals and Project Managers

Support Center Overview

  • What Is Knowledge-Centered Support?
  • What Led to the Development of KCS?
  • Why Do You Need KCS?
  • What Are the Benefits of KCS?
  • How Does KCS Align with ITSM?

The KCS Model

  • Understanding KCS
  • The KCS Process

Aligning KCS with the Business

  • Aligning Business Goals and Objectives
  • Providing Value with KCS
  • KCS Return on Investment (ROI)

Content Vitality

  • What Is Content Vitality
  • The Content Standard
  • The Content Migration Process
  • Knowledge Monitoring

KCS Roles and Responsibilities

  • Who Are the Typical Players in KCS?
  • What Is the KCS Competency Model?
  • Defining Roles and Competencies

The KCS Workflow

  • What Is Workflow?
  • What Is Structured Problem Solving?
  • Workflow and Technology
  • Process Integration

Performance Assessment

  • The KCS Competency Model
  • Performance Assessment
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Feedback and Reputation Model

Leadership and Motivation

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Defining Purpose
  • Promoting Teamwork


  • Communication
  • Key Messaging and Elevator Pitches
  • Handling Questions and Objections
  • Delivery Options


  • Functional Requirements
  • KCS Verified

The KCS Adoption Roadmap

  • The KCS Adoption Program
  • Adoption Roles
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Investment: People, Process, Technology
  • Critical Success Factors


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HDI Knowledge Centered Support

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