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Prince 2 Mock Test

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This test is for professionals looking forward to get Prince 2 certified.

#1 Which could be the benefits of using PRINCE2?

1. Defines an economic structure of reports

2. Provides a defined structure for accountability and delegation

3. Ensures participants focus on the viability of the project

4. Enables organizational change management

#2 The guiding obligations and good practices which determine if the project is genuinely managed using PRINCE2 relate to _________

#3 Which of the following principle addresses associations of projects with corporate strategy?

#4 Which one of the following is not concerned with ‘manage by exception’ principle?

#5 Who is responsible for ensuring that the desired outcome of the project is specified?

#6 Which of the following is not a review point for Business Case?

#7 When the Change Authority needs to get defined?

#8 Who is primarily responsible for the technical integrity of the project?

#9 Which one of the following is not true of quality assurance?

#10 Which of the following principles is not a purpose of the quality review technique?

#11 When does a Team Plan get created?

#12 How many levels of Plans are recommended by PRINCE2?

#13 Which can be a goal of the Evaluate step in a Risk management procedure?

#14 ‘Do –something if the risk occurs’ option related to which of the following risk responses?

#15 Which is not a consideration when the Project Board considers a request for change?

#16 Which of the following documents continuously maintains information on the progress of a product?

#17 Which of the following does not connote to PRINCE2 approach to Progress?

#18 Which of the following does not get tolerances associated?

#19 Which could be a purpose of ‘Starting up a Project’ process?

#20 X is a Project – launched as a part of Programme A. During preparation of which document, the Project Manager for X will first consider these interdependencies?

#21 When does the ‘Directing a Project’ start?

#22 What could be a best sequence of following reports to report on issues – as applicable?

#23 Which of the following gets included in the Communication Management Strategy?

#24 Which is not a primary use of the PID?

#25 Which activity is likely to examine the Product Status Account?

#26 Which of the following is not a trigger for the Project Manager to authorize a Work Package?

#27 Who may need to be first consulted while producing the Team Plan?

#28 Which is not a part of the Work Package?

#29 Which of the following represents a purpose of ‘Managing a Stage Boundary’ Process?

#30 Which of the following represent purposes of ‘Closing a Project’?



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