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PMP Mock Test

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This test is for professionals looking forward to get PMP certified.


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#1 A Team member is adding additional features of the product over and above the scope requirements. What is the best approach you as a Project Manager can take in this situation?

#2 You are in the process of signing up a contract with a vendor to develop a pricing tool to automate your business process. You already have proposals from a few vendors and having evaluated them you find vendor XYZ best meeting your requirement. Therefore you decide to sign up a contract with vendor XYZ, which of the following statements is true in this context:

#3 Which one of the following is most favorable to the Project Manager?

#4 If the Earned Value is equal to Actual Cost, it means:

#5 You are in middle of the Project, when the contractor A performs an act leading to breach of contract. You terminate the Services of Contractor A and you have since found a technically suitable substitute in Contractor B. In this process, you have also lost some time. Which is the best type of Contract that can be negotiated with Contractor B?

#6 One of the sub-projects of your project requires the team members to stay in harsh terrain and perform risky tasks. As such, the team members are reluctant to join the sub-project. Which of the following is a best option for the Project Manager?

#7 You receive a contract to perform testing for an external client. After contract award, the customer provides you with the test matrix to use for your 16 tests. The vice president for engineering says that the customer’s test matrix is wrong, and she will use a different test matrix, which should give better results. This is a violation to the SOW. Suppose your sponsor is also the vice president for engineering. You should:

#8 You are a Project manager for a Project that involves developing software in Java. You have been having a tough time getting people on board and a result you had to hire an independent contractor who is an expert in Java. You get to know from one of the reliable sources that the contractor is working with a competition company and working on a similar Project. What is the best course of action that can be taken by you?

#9 A project manager notices that all the measurements recorded on a control chart lie within the control band range. However, most of the measurements are below the midpoint (negative variance). Quality management practice offers us what guidance in dealing with this situation?

#10 In the project environment, there are four general categories of communication: formal written, informal written, formal verbal, and informal verbal. Of the following, the one that is not an example of formal written communication is a __________

#11 Purchase cost plus operating cost could be best termed as:

#12 A Project team has made up the Work Breakdown Structure for a Project. All stakeholders including Senior management and the customer have approved the WBS. The customer later requests that a change be made in the Project, which will cost a considerable amount of money. The customer says that the company’s salesman promised this feature prior to sign off on the WBS. Who should pay for the change?

#13 You have been the Project manager for last 2 months, managing a eight month ERP Project for a large telecommunication service provider company. You estimate that the Project cannot be completed in time, and may attract delayed penalties. What is the first thing you should do?

#14 It is important that the Project team knows how others would behave on the Project. _______________ establishes clear expectations regarding acceptable behavior by Project team members.

#15 John completed a project building a software application for one of the projects and moved on to a new project. A month later the customer came back with a list of fixes required. This would be difficult handling now as the project team has already been dispersed. which of the following seems to be the cause of such a situation?

#16 A risk was identified to have a probability of occurrence of 0.3 and it scored 0.24 in the P-I matrix. Based on the information available what is the impact of this risk?

#17 You are defining evaluation criteria for your project. The procurement item is readily available from a number of acceptable sellers. Which criterion can you focus on in such a situation?

#18 Project A has a sunk cost of Rs.75,000 and its estimated cost of completion is Rs.55,000. Project B has an estimated cost of completion of Rs.85,000. Both projects promises Rs.90,000 benefit. Which project will you select?

#19 You are a contract project manager and are sitting in a meeting with executives of the company for which you are managing a project. These executives include the president of the company, who begins the meeting by specifically stating, “What is said in this room at this meeting stays in this room. There are no exceptions to this.” There is an issue discussed in the meeting which can become a potential risk to the project, but you do not report it in your weekly report to your manager. The manager asks why a complete report has not been filed, and you respond saying that the president specifically said that no one outside of the people in the room should hear the information. Your manager replies that both parties have signed a confidentiality agreement, so it is OK for you to report. What do you do to keep both parties satisfied?

#20 After going through the records of earlier projects, you find that a lot of time was wasted on meetings with minimal desired outcome. You do not want this to happen in your project. What would help avoid such a situation and ensure fruitful meetings?

#21 You are in charge of producing software for financial accounting. You had released the current version recently. Now it has been discovered that the software will malfunction for a combination of inputs, expected 1 in million times. The correction of the malfunctioning is going to take lots of time. What is the best course of action for you?

#22 Your project is nearing completion and the requirement of the engineers has come down. You decide to release two engineers from your project next week and inform them of the same. One of these engineers David has approached you to retain him and release someone else in his place for some personal reasons. You figure out that you have only the choice to release one of the engineers in the place of David but this engineer is more experienced who can perform certain crucial assignments planned in the coming week which you doubt David may not be able to. However, David has been working very hard in the project and his performance also has been good. What should you do?

#23 A Project Manager has just replaced the previous Project Manager who had quit. The Project is still in Planning Phase. Which of the following is most important for the new Project Manager to do?

#24 A task was scheduled to use two persons, full time, and take two weeks to complete. Instead, the project manager was only able to assign one person to this task. At the end of two weeks, the person assigned to the task was 75% complete. What is the cost performance index?

#25 Self-inspection by the individual performing the work is used to achieve quality in a product. The advantages of self-inspection include

#26 Given are the statistics for a project: Target cost: $220,000 Target Fee: $35,000 Target Price: $255,000 Sharing ratio: 80/20 Actual cost: $200,000 Calculate the fee and final price for the project

#27 A project is in the middle of execution and Jimmy is the Project Manager. During a review Jimmy discovers that the testing engineers are required in the coming month and testing is on the critical path. During a discussion with the functional manager, he learns that the Function is in the process of hiring testing engineers. The functional manager promises Jimmy to allocate him the resources as required, as and when the people are on board. What should Jimmy do?

#28 You are assigned as the Project manager in a Project with an aggressive schedule. During a recent meeting your team complains of extensive work pressure environment and the many hours of overtime effort. What is the preferred solution to handle the problem?

#29 All of the following could be part of the cost budgeting during planning except:

#30 In a Balanced matrix Project organization, a functional team member’s performance has been below par. Which is the best method for the Project Manager to handle this?