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ITIL Mock Test

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#1 Which is the CORRECT list of processes within the service operation stage?

#2 What is the prediction and control of income and expenditure of money within the organisation known as?

#3 What BEST described the value of service strategy to the business?

#4 Which of the following is NOT an element of Availability Management?

#5 Which is the correct combination of items that makes up an IT service?

#6 Which is a supplier category?

#7 Which is NOT within the scope of the service catalogue management process?

#8 Which of the following is NOT an objective of service transition?

#9 What are the two MAIN types of activity in problem management?

#10 Which activity is performed by access management?

#11 What are the five stages of the ITIL service lifecycle?

#12 Which is NOT an objective of request fulfilment?

#13 Which activities are included in IT operations management?

#14 Which statement BEST describes technical management?

#15 Which is a CORRECT guideline for automating services?

#16 Which is an example of improving service utility using service management automation?

#17 What do major incidents require?

#18 Which of the following processes contributes MOST to quantifying the financial value of IT services to the business?

#19 Which process would seek to understand levels of customer satisfaction and communicate what action plans have been put in place to deal with dissatisfaction?

#20 Which process is responsible for low risk, frequently occurring, low cost changes?

#21 Which of the following is an objective of business relationship management?

#22 Which of the following is the BEST reason for categorizing incidents?

#23 Which describes a third party responsible for delivering goods or services that are required for an IT service?

#24 What is the known error database (KEDB) primarily used for?

#25 Who is responsible for defining metrics for change management?

#26 Which is the BEST definition of reliability?

#27 Which is the CORRECT list of the three levels of a multi-level service level agreement (SLA)?

#28 What processes represent the scope of financial management for IT services?

#29 What can be used to help determine the impact level of a problem?

#30 Which is an objective of event management?



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