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A clipped compound of ‘software development’ and ‘operations’, DevOps is a cultural movement that emphasizes the collaboration between operations and development staff through the complete service lifecycle.

DeVops is often confused with Agile and that is because there are strong affinities between them. DeVops has been borne of the understanding that agility cannot be limited to the development process alone, it needs to extend to the entire delivered service. ‘Ops’ in DeVops is a term used to cover administrators, engineers, security professionals and other sub disciplines while the ‘dev’, a shorthand for developers, actually includes all the people  involved in developing the product including product and QA.

QAI offers a complete suite of DevOps training programs across various levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced programs. These are further customised to the client organization’s chosen technology and tool Stack combinations like Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and others.

Some of our most popular DeVops trainings include:

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