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DevOps Introductory Course - Two days

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DevOps Introductory Course – Two days

Workshop Objectives

This course helps attendees to understand the following

  • Basic Principles of DevOps
  • Business Benefits
  • Implementing an operational framework around DevOps
  • The pillars of DevOps
    • Culture
    • Automation
    • Measurement
    • Sharing
  • How to go about DevOps Transition
  • Some Important Tools / Frameworks

Course Overview

This course talks about the basic foundations of DevOps from the CAMS perspective. It looks into how to realise DevOps practices using the three ways, and also provides good insight of how DevOps takes it’s principles from established practices such as Lean, KanBan and uses it for a continuous improvement cycle. It touches upon some crucial tools in the end that can be utilised while moving towards DevOps practices.

Introduction To DevOps

  • A business perspective to DevOps
  • A Technology perspective to DevOps
  • Breaking through Stereotypes

What is DevOps

  • Goals
  • Values
  • What it is Not
  • Who is it for? Enterprises vs. Startups

Principles of DevOps

  • The three ways
  • Systems Thinking
  • Amplified Feedback Loops
  • Continuous Learning and Experimentation

DevOps & The World

  • DevOps & Lean
  • DevOps & Agile
  • DevOps& ITSM


  • Understanding, Transforming and Managing Culture
  • Automation Practices
  • Measurement & Sharing

Adopting DevOps Culture

  • Getting Started
  • Risks & Challenges

A Word about tools

  • Virutalisation
  • Containers and Container Management
  • Configuration Automation
  • Build and Release Automation
  • PaaS

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DevOps Introductory Course – Two days

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