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QAIites have many things in common. Quest for excellence and and unadulterated passion for work are some of them. What makes an ideal candidate are :

  • Leadership : Leadership is an attribute that doesn’t come with a designation or experience. At QAI, all of us, irrespective of age or profile are leaders in own right. We are faced with challenges every single day where we stumble but learn from each other. We own up, take responsibility and get it done. And therefore, everyday is an opportunity to make it what we want it to be.
  • Commitment : At QAI, apart from the body, mind and heart, QAIites even get their soul to work. And by choice. Work here is not a nine to five chore. It is what defines us and we love what we do. This is important to belong and have fun and if this is your philosophy of work culture, we would be glad to have you.
  • Solution provider : Consulting is about solving our clients problems. Effectively. Efficiently. And that is the pulse of all QAIites. We understand that there is an efficient way out of every problem and that it can be solved with strategy, action or advice. We, as an organization and as employees, focus on the solution rather than the problem. And if this is your mindset, then you belong here.
  • Energy : If there is one defining characteristic of all QAIites around the world, it is the energy. The vigor is infectious and is visible in our work, in our interactions and in us. We live passionately. We work passionately. We solve problems passionately. We are passionate. And if this defines you, QAI is meant for you.
  • Integrity : This is critical to our culture. Being a flat organization, QAI fosters a sense of responsibility in all it’s people who do what they do with utmost  honesty. You are not bundled under layers of management which ensures that there is absolute transparency in the system. Integrity being high on your list of priorities shows your application in a positive light.