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Certified Software Function Point Estimation (CSFPE)

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The success of any software project largely depends on effective estimation of project effort, time, and cost. Estimation helps in setting realistic targets for completing a project. The most important estimation that is required to be fairly accurate is that of effort and schedule. This enables us to obtain a reasonable idea of the project cost.

If the effort and schedule estimates are inaccurate, it can impact the project cost drastically and result in the project being delayed. Therefore, before initiating a project, it is essential to know how long it would take to complete the project, what would be the development cost, and how many resources would be required. Using the process of effort and schedule estimation, we can calculate fairly accurate estimates.

Software size is an important input for estimating the effort, schedule, and cost of software. There are various methods and techniques available to estimate these factors.

Function point technique helps to estimate software size based on how users view the product. As the use of Function Point Analysis (FPA) as estimation technique continues to grow it is essential for individuals to upgrade themselves with the knowledge and application of the FPA counting rules.

CSFPE certification helps to assess the individual’s capability to apply objectivity to software development efforts in the sizing of requirements, the identification of changes to requirements, the estimation of project duration and work effort based on requirements.

The certificate would confirm the understanding of the participant to:

  • Understand the basic concepts related to effort and schedule estimation
  • Understand the principles of good estimation
  • Understand the steps involved in Function Point estimation
  • Apply the techniques for Function Point estimation
  • Develop process used for estimating effort and schedule for a project
  • Understand some of the commonly used estimation models
  • Understand the basic concepts of COCOMO II model
  • Apply the three COCOMO II techniques for cost, effort and schedule estimation

Elearning Courses for CSFPE

ES101:    Software Size Estimation Using FPA
Duration: 7.5 hours

ES102:    Software Effort and Schedule Estimation
Duration:  9 hours

ES103:    Effort and Schedule Estimation Using COCOMO II
Duration:  7.5 hours

Target Audience

  • Software engineers with 3 – 4 years of experience
  • Individuals who intend to grow as software project managers


  • Experience
    • 3 – 4 years of experience in software industry
  • Education
    • Graduate or equivalent
    • Should have basic knowledge of
      • Software development lifecycle
      • Estimation concepts
      • Project management

Application Validity

  • Each application is valid for a period of One Year.

Recommended Reading

  • EdistaLearning Modules
    • ES101: Software Size Estimation using FPA
    • ES102: Software Effort and Schedule Estimation
    • ES103: Effort and Schedule Estimation using COCOMO II
  • Books and White Papers
    • Function point training booklets, Longstreet D.
    • Function Point Counting Practices Manual, International Function Point Users Group
    • Software Requirements and Estimation, Kishore S. and Naik Rajesh
    • Software Engineering Economics, Boehm, B.W.
    • Software Engineering – A practitioner’s approach, Pressman, R.S.
    • Working Schedule Handbook, U. S. Army
    • COCOMO II Model Definition Manual, Center for Software Engineering
    • Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II, Barry Boehm et al.
    • Measures for Excellence: Reliable

Format of Exam

  • Exam duration: 2 hours
    (Breakup of Duration: 40 min Objective, 40 min Subjective, 40 min Case study = 120 minutes)
  • Question paper consists of following sections:
    • Section 1 Objective: 40% weightage (40 questions)
    • Section 2 Subjective: 40% weightage (10 to 12 questions)
    • Section 3 Case Study: 20% weightage (2 question, 3 options would be provided to chose from)
  • Passing percentage
    • For each of the 3 sections: 60%
    • Overall percentage in certification exam: 75%

The Next Step

You are now ready to register for the certification program by using any one of the following options:

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  • Option 2: If you don’t need any preparation and are ready to take the certification exam, write to
  • Option 3: If you need the certification for group of people, e.g. certification at organization level, and would like to be contacted by our client servicing team, write Fee : US$ 200
    Application Fee + elearning course : US$ 270