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Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) by Scrum Alliance

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Leaders noteably influence an organization’s agility and effectiveness. It is challenging to strike efficiency in a leader's own agility and their capability in empowering teams to transform the business. This workshop provides the AHA! leaders need to first increase their own personal awareness and to kickstart their journey to improved performance.

The course is focused in two parts: personally on the agile leader in their self-agility and on leading others, and externally on the leader’s capacity to drive organizational delivery and agility.

Participants will be taken through a comprehensive view of Agile Leadership – first from the leader’s personal perspective in how agility impacts their thinking and behavior, then from an organizational perspective in how they can effectively align, guide and scale their organization’s agility.

The participants will learn various tools and techniques to efficiently coach their agile team, to build high performance agile teams.

This workshop is a pragmatic application of theory, providing concrete models, tools and techniques for leaders to employ directly in their own thinking, behaviors, and within their organizations.

This workshop is designed and delivered by the experts who have “been there and done that”. It is a highly intensive program with a mix of explanation, discussions, exercises, and role plays.

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Learn how Agility helps organizations thrive amid uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change.

Align and empower teams to deliver more customer value.

Stay competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Structure your organization according to principles of organizational agility, instead of silos, to better align efforts.

Identify creative solutions to leadership and organizational impediments through increased self-awareness, a mindset of growth, and the ability to engage with others.

Integrate feedback and experiments into your leadership style.

will you


  • Personal Agile Leadership Explore the historical context of human development and leadership as well as the current economics driving the need for agility. Introduce the Leadership Agility Maturity Model to increase self-awareness and discover more agile thinking, decisions and behaviors. Discover the mindset and behaviors of expert, achiever and catalyst leaders and how those impact organizational effectiveness. Practice a 5-step catalyst approach to positively impact every aspect of our work (and personal) life.
  • Leading an Agile Organization Re-focus the leader towards the organization and its effectiveness of delivery customer value. Explore organizational culture, structures and processes to foster value delivery and agility. Understand a leaders’ focus and influence on the health and culture of an organization and its impact on their long-term performance. Evaluate case studies of real organizations of different organizational cultures applying agile structures and patterns to drive effective and sustaining change with positive results. Reflect and share leader’s organizational cultures and structures in comparison to these case studies. Practice a 5-step organizational change model to guide healthy, engaged and sustained change needed in our organizations.

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