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ITIL has led the ITSM industry with guidance, training and certification programmes for more than 30 years. ITIL 4 brings ITIL up to date re-shaping much of the established ITSM practices in the wider context of customer experience, value streams, and digital transformation, as well as embracing new ways to working, such as Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

ITIL 4 provides the guidance organizations need to address new service management challenges and utilize the potential of modern technology. It is designed to ensure a flexible, coordinated and integrate system for the effective governance and management of IT-enabled services.

The purpose of the ITIL 4 Foundation qualification is:
To introduce readers to the management of modern IT-enabled services, to provide them with an understanding of the common language and key concepts, and to show them how they can improve their work and the work of their organization with ITIL 4 guidance. Furthermore, the qualification will provide the candidate with an understanding of the ITIL 4 service management framework and how it has evolved to adopt modern technologies and ways of working.


There are no prerequisites for this course, although a basic knowledge of Service Management concepts will be helpful.

The purpose of the ITIL Foundation examination is:

To assess whether the candidate can demonstrate sufficient recall and understanding of the ITIL 4 service management framework, as described in the syllabus below, to be awarded the ITIL 4 Foundation qualification. The ITIL 4 Foundation qualification is a prerequisite for the ITIL 4 higher level qualifications, which assess the ability to apply concepts understanding of the relevant parts of the ITIL framework in context.

The target audience for this qualification is:

  • Individuals at the start of their journey in Service Management.
  • ITSM Managers and aspiring ITSM Managers.
  • Individuals working in other parts of “IT” (digital, product, development) with strong interface with service delivery.
  • Existing ITIL qualification holders wishing to update their knowledge.


The exam is closed book with 40 multiple choice questions. The pass score is 65% (26 out of 40 questions). The exam duration is 60 minutes. The exam can be taken in two formats: paper-based or online.

Course Description:

  • ITIL 4 Foundation is the first publication of ITIL 4, the latest evolution of the most widely adopted guidance for ITSM. Its guidance ranges from IT and business students taking their first steps in service management to seasoned professionals familiar with earlier versions of ITIL and other sources of industry best practice.
  • The Purpose of ITIL 4 is to provide organizations with comprehensive guidance for the management of IT-enabled service in the digital economy.
  • It is designed to ensure that an effective, efficient, flexible, co-ordinated and integrated system for governance and management of IT Services is established and continually improving in the organization.
  • The course is designed as an introduction to ITIL 4 and enables you to understand the new ways to look at IT Service Management through a Service Value System (SVS).
  • ITIL 4 takes you through a more evolved view of an SVS, which provides a holistic end-to end picture of what it really means to contribute to business value, and integrates concepts from models such as Lean, Agile and DevOps.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this new two-day course, attendees will understand the following:

  • The four dimensions of service management.
  • The ITIL Service Value System.
  • The seven guiding principles.
  • The Service Value Chain.
  • The 34 ITIL practices, with a focus on 18 these.
  • Key concepts from Lean, Agile, DevOps and Organizational Change Management and why these are important to deliver business value.

Overview of ITIL 4 Certification Scheme:


Options for transition from ITIL V3 to ITIL4:

ITIL V3 Foundation: If a candidate has taken only ITIL V3 Foundation, then the recommended approach is to take ITIL 4 Foundation in order to able to transition to the new scheme.
ITIL V3 Intermediate: End-learners holding a low number of credits beyond Foundation have two recommended options to transition to ITIL 4 dependent on what they want to achieve in the scheme.

Option 1: They are encouraged to take ITIL 4 Foundation and a further module in their preferred area of interest, becoming an ITIL Specialist, Strategist or Leader.
Option 2: They are encouraged to achieve 17 credits from ITIL V3 to become eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional transition module.

Transition from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4:


Options for transition from ITIL V3 to ITIL4:

ITIL V3 Expert: If an end-learner has achieved ITIL V3 Expert, they can take ITIL Managing Professional transition module to achieve the ITIL Managing Professional designation.
After achieving the ITIL Managing Professional designation, if the end-learner is interested in pursuing the ITIL Strategic Leader stream, they would only need to complete the ITIL Leader Digital & Strategy module.

Once they have completed both streams, they are eligible to move towards ITIL Master.


  • IT Service Management in the modern world.
  • About ITIL 4.


  • Value
  • Value co-creation.
  • Service providers.
  • Service consumers.
  • Other stakeholders.
  • Products.
  • Services.
  • Configuring resources for value creation.
  • Service offerings.
  • Service relationship.
  • Utility and Warranty.


  • Organizations and people.
  • Information and technology.
  • Partners and suppliers.
  • Value streams and processes.
  • External Factors.


  • Service value system an overview.
  • Opportunity, demand and value.


  • Governing bodies and governance.
  • Governance in SVS.


  • Plan.
  • Improve.
  • Engage.
  • Design and transition.
  • Obtain/build.
  • Deliver and suppor.t
  • Steps of the continual improvement model.
  • Continual improvement and the guiding principles.


  • Steps of the continual improvement model
  • Continual improvement and the guiding principles

ITIL Management practices

  • Continual Improvement.
  • Information security management.
  • Relationship management.
  • Supplier management.
  • Availability management.
  • Capacity and performance management.
  • Change control.
  • Incident management.
  • IT asset management.
  • Service configurations management.
  • Monitoring and event management.
  • Release management.
  • Deploy management.
  • Service continuity management.
  • Service desk.
  • Service level management.
  • Service request management.

Exam Format:

  • Multiple choice.
  • 40 questions.
  • Online proctored exams available through PeopleCert.
  • Maximum 60 minutes duration.
  • Closed book.
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    ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training-Live Virtual Training

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