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Wiley Certified Analytics for Professionals – Certification Training by QAI Global

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Why go for WCAP  with QAI

It’s a globally recognized certificate offered by 200-year-old billion dollar company WILEY. This certification is a proof of Job-readiness and Professional Competence. This certification is more than just a bullet point in your resume.

This program will equip the learner with skills for mining, manipulating, and analyzing large dataset derive business insights. The course will also provide necessary foundations to business and industry contexts to enable the learner to contribute meaningfully in data analytics projects.

Courses offered from 12 categories
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Gain skills in working on complete Data Analytics life cycle

Develop deep insight into the role and use of Big Data in various industries through use cases and case studies

Build expertise in basic and advanced analytics, real-time analytics and visualization techniques to analyze data, create statistical models and provide business insights

Acquire hands-on experience of working with Big Data on R, RHadoop and Tableau Public with real datasets (Includes Project Work)

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It will help you learn and familiarize with the terminology and the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems.

It will help you recap your statistics concepts which will be used in the later stages of this course.

This introduction to R programming course will help you master the basics of R, making you ready to perform basic analytical functions data to generate insights.

It will help you in using R to generate insights from data.

Concepts like data cleaning and preprocessing, social media analytics and text mining, big data visualizations as well as working with Tableau will be covered in this module.

Discuss the techniques and business application of Machine Learning and explore artificial neural networks, their structure, and learning rules.

Discuss advanced techniques and business application of Classification Trees and Bayesian Theorem, Decision Trees, Cluster Analysis, Neural Networks and SVM.

The course requires basic understanding of Statistics and some background in coding. The most important thing required to take the course is the aptitude to play with numbers and Data.

  • Strong foundation in Statistics or Math
  • Basic knowledge of databases, tables and fields
  • Fundamentals of spreadsheets and computations
  • Basic knowhow of programming in Core Java
  • Software developers and Software professionals
  • Data Engineers
  • Data science enthusiasts
  • Analytics professionals with in-depth experience developing data engineering solutions and a high-level mastery
  • Who wish to make a career as Full-Stack Analytics Professional

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