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Seven (7) Innovator Skills program for Leadership team

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Seven (7) Innovator Skills program for Leadership team

Innovation is aptly described as Mind to Market – an idea does not qualify to be called an innovation till it does not find acceptance from the customers.

Innovation Management is the process of systematically removing the hurdles in managing the creation and delivery of value to the customer. The program will provide participants with hands-on practice on the 7 core skills of innovators that are inherent in all of us.

Innovative thinking is the systematic development and application of those skills in resolving the non-typical situations encountered in the process of value creation and delivery to customers.

In an enterprise wide deployment of innovation management this workshop is intended to serve as the catalyst for management to make the process of innovative problem solving by their staff more predictable and successful.

Workshop Objectives

Managers in any sector often find themselves facing conflicting demands on limited resources to deliver value to their customers.

Some of the typical issues that drain away management energies are listed below:

  • Plugging revenue leakages on account of wastage and pilferage.
  • Identifying lost opportunities for sales on account of stock out on shelves, staff not able to resolve customer queries, not doing trend analysis on customer queries and ineffective store presentation and layout.
  • Delays in servicing customers at checkout counters on account of queuing especially during peak intervals.
  • Increasing stickiness of customers through tangible impact that creates differentiators with respect to competition.
  • Staff utilization and productivity of multi-tasking resources impacted by inter-coordination problems between different stakeholders
  • Greater integration with suppliers of goods to enhance value creation opportunities for customers

The workshop will prepare the participants to reveal the hidden conflicts in operations and encourage them to generate strong and sustainable solutions that are considered win-win by the relevant stakeholders.


Day 1

  • Introduction and context setting
  • Introduction to Creativity and Innovation
    • What is Innovation and Innovation Management
    • Our Mind As our Biggest Adversary
    • Dimensions of an Innovative Personality
    • Routine problems versus Creative Problems
  • Theoretical Concepts of 7-core skills of innovators
  • Skill # 1 Innovation Opportunity Identification
    • Four dimensions for innovation opportunities
    • Three dimensions to understand customer value creation opportunities
      • Tasks or Jobs
      • Measures of outcome
      • Constraints
    • Mapping to the Buyer Experience Cycle
  • Skill # 2 Perspectives Thinking
    • Identify key stakeholders significantly impacted by the given situation and proposed solution
    • Articulate the viewpoints of each stakeholder
    • Identify potential conflicts
  • Skill # 3 Abstraction and Analogy Thinking
    • Abstraction thinking
    • Analogy thinking
  • Skill # 4Resource Thinking
    • Identify readily available resources to move solution towards Ideal Final Result
  • Q&A: Review of concepts discussed

Day 2

  • Skill # 5 Ideal Scenario Thinking
    • Envision the state of Perfection
    • Evaluate current solution from Ideal Final Result (IFR)
      • Expressing Functions appropriately
      • Identify Useful/Harmful Functions
    • Refine solution
  • Skill # 6 Contradiction Thinking – Identify & Resolving contradictions
    • Identify the barriers and/or contradictions in given situation
    • Formulating Contradictions
    • Resolving Contradictions by applying principles
  • Skill # 7 Systems Thinking Network
    • Identify the system and its components
    • Understand the evolution of systems and the typical trends for predicting future
    • Present cause-and- effect linkages of current situation and proposed solutions
    • Identify core problems to be addressed
  • Resolving Secondary Problems/ Generating Action Plans
    • Apply earlier concepts in iterative manner to resolve secondary problems
  • Review of concepts covered during the two days
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Seven (7) Innovator Skills program for Leadership team

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