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Robust Process and Product Design Workshop

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Robust Process and Product Design Workshop

QAI has designed a workshop to equip participants with the systematic process for new product development aligned to contemporary practices.

Certification Roadmap

The participants of the DFSS for New Product Development have to clear the following thresholds

    1. Attend the 15-day workshop
    2. Obtain more than 75% in written examination
    3. Successfully complete one project based on DFSS for New Product Deployment

The DFSS framework for New Product Development has five

Phase 1. Strategize Deployment Roadmap (5 days)

The objective of this phase is to align the new product development effort to the strategic growth objectives of the organization
1. Project Portfolio: Select, scope and prioritize projects
2. Project Management Office: Team structure, roles and responsibilities, Governance Framework
3. Business Scorecard: Reporting performance to management

Phase 2. Design Product and Process (3 days)

The objective of this phase is to design the new product and process aligned to the voice of the customer.
1. High level concept: General purpose and value proposition from customer’s perspective.
2. Product definition: Translating voice of customer to functional requirement.
3. Conceptual Design: Mapping functional requirements to design parameters, evaluation of design concepts and selection of design.

Phase 3. Destroy Product and Process (2 days)

The objective of this phase is to increase the robustness of solution concept by fixing known and potential failure points
1. Network Diagram of Predicted Failure Points: To identify potential failure points in the design.
2. Improved Design: To make improvements in design by fixing the known and potential failure points.

Phase 4. Build and Test Prototypes (3 days)

The objective of this phase is to develop the actual implementation to satisfy the functional requirements, i.e. design parameters and to test prototypes
1. Prototype development: Generate exact detailed functional requirements and design parameters.
2. Testing of Prototypes: to validate the design in simulated or actual real-world settings.

Phase 5. Validate Real-world Deployment (2 days)

The objective of this phase is to launch the product and to obtain market feedback on a full-scale deployment.
1. Manufacturing Process Design: Finalize the design of the manufacturing process and conduct process testing, adjustment and validation
2. Production System Design: Process operation, control and adjustment and management of suppliers and parts.
3. Product or Service consumption: Providing after sales service

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Robust Process and Product Design Workshop

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