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Problem Framing Workout- Live Virtual

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The most important question strategic leaders are grappling with is which business challenges are to be addressed using a corporate innovation drive and which are the ones that should pass through a normal strategic approach.
Problem Framing is a 5-hour workout that involves the main stakeholders, typically executive level and business level decision makers. This is a time-tested methodology evolved by our globally acclaimed partners, Design Sprint Academy, Berlin. Problem Framing is primarily used prior to running an Innovation Design Sprint or undertaking a Design Thinking journey and is customized for the Indian business context by QGLUE.


  • Using a structured approach to discover the challenge space and define them objectively for a Corporate Innovation Intervention (Open innovation, Sprint, Design thinking immersive or an Hackathon).
  • Learn how to align the Innovation challenge areas with the strategic objectives.
  • Experience framing the challenge area with expected outcomes and criteria for success using the Algorithmic approach from DSA- Berlin and TRIZ Methodology.

This program is designed for a group of 15 participants who will work in groups of 5 on a specific business challenge. There is a DIY Guide which will be shared with participants and the facilitator will walk through the teams in the entire journey. The engagement is run in a time-boxed sprint with individual and team activities in each module.
The workout is broken down into 4 phases, each lasting for 60 minutes, followed by FAQ.


  • Business Innovation Heads.
  • Strategy leaders.
  • Transformation program heads and Managers.
  • Transformation program heads and Managers.
  • Anybody wanting to find and answer to “Are we solving the right innovation challenge?.


  • Discovery of an entirely new challenge area.
  • Aligning the challenge to the corporate strategy.
  • Learn a repeatable and time tested method to ensure that we are defining the right challenge to work on prior to launching a corporate innovation drive using a design led approach.

The entire workout is conducted in live virtual format by our Design Sprint and DT experts. Workout will involve extensive utilisation of remote collaboration tools like- Zoom, GoToWebinar and Mural. Virtual breakout sessions with be held for each module for participants to work on cases studies provided.

David P. Issac: David comes with over 24 years of extensive experience designing processes and business process improvement to enhance customer and stakeholder experiences. David is a certified Design Thinker from MIT Sloan. He has consulted and trained more than 100+ organisations in India and abroad which include companies like Aon Hewitt, Airtel, Prudential, First data etc. using the design thinkers creative mind-set to design innovative solutions, transforming process and user experience.

David is currently consulting organisations for business transformation using a blend of Design thinking, Innovation TRIZ – Theory of the Resolution of Invention-Related Tasks and DFSS- Design for Six Sigma. He is a certified practitioner of TRIZ Innovation by The International TRIZ Association at Level3.


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Problem Framing Workout- Live Virtual

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