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Overview to CMMI® For Acquisition Ver 1.3

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Overview to CMMI® For Acquisition Ver 1.3

According to recent studies, 20 to 25 percent of large information technology (IT) acquisition projects fail within two years and 50 percent fail within five years. Mismanagement, the inability to articulate customer needs, poor requirements definition, inadequate supplier selection and contracting processes, insufficient technology selection procedures and uncontrolled requirement changes are factors that contribute to project failure at most times.

To help overcome these issues and improve the acquisition of products and services, the Capability Maturity Model Integrated – Acquisition (CMMI For Acquisition Ver 1.3) was created by SEISM. The model provides guidance to organizations for initiating and managing the acquisition of products and services that meet the needs of the customer. The model focuses on acquirer processes and integrates bodies of knowledge that are essential for successful acquisitions.

CMMI®-ACQ provides an opportunity for acquisition organizations

  • To avoid or eliminate barriers and problems in the acquisition process through improved operational efficiencies
  • To initiate and manage a process for acquiring products and services, including solicitations, supplier sourcing, supplier agreement development and award, and supplier capability management
  • To utilize a common language for both acquirers and suppliers so that quality solutions are delivered more quickly and at a lower cost with the most appropriate technology

The overview to CMMI®-ACQ workshop introduces participants to the model and its fundamental course discussion emphasizes the understanding of the model structure, different model representations, the five maturity levels and the 22 Process Areas (PAs) of the model. The course also provides a comparison of CMMI®-DEV and CMMI®-ACQ and program focuses on version 1.2 and the latest version (1.3) of the model.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop will help the participants to:

  • Understand the CMMI® framework
  • Understand the detailed requirements of the process areas in the CMMI®-ACQ
  • Understand the need of CMMI®-ACQ and how it can be used to solve your organizational issues
  • Understand the synergies and differences between CMMI®-ACQ and CMMI®-DEV
  • Make valid judgments regarding the organization’s implementation of process areas
  • Learn to develop a practical and effective implementation roadmap
  • Identify issues that should be addressed in performing process improvements using the CMMI®-ACQ

Workshop Format

The workshop follows lecture supplemented with illustrations. The instructor maintains a high level of student interaction and discussion to satisfy the student’s needs in their work environments. Extensive experiential learning and case studies will be integrated in the workshop proceedings.

  • Quality Team
  • Process Improvement Team
  • Acquisition Managers/ Subcontract Managers
  • Vendor Management Teams
  • Practitioners, Participating in the CMMI® -ACQ Journey
  • Appraisal Team Members

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Process Concepts
  • Context Setting
    • Typical Challenges in the Product/ Service Acquisition
    • How CMMI®-ACQ can Address these Challenges?
  • Origin of CMMI®
    • Evolution of CMMI®
    • Concept of Constellations
      • Acquisition
      • Services
      • Development
      • Synergies and Differences between CMMI®-ACQ and CMMI®-DEV
  • CMMI® Framework
    • CMMI® Documentation Structure
    • Staged and Continuous Representations
    • Maturity and Capability Levels
    • Structure of a Process Area
      • Process areas
      • Specific goals
      • Generic goals
      • Specific practices
      • Generic practices
      • Other components
  • Staged Model
    • The maturity levels
    • Process visibility across the maturity levels
    • Behavioral characteristics of each maturity level
  • CMMI® Road Map and Appraisals
    • IDEAL Wheel
    • CMMI® Roadmap: Initiation, gap analysis, process enhancement and implementation,
    • pre-assessment, assessment team training and SCAMPI(SM)
    • SCAMPI Appraisal
      • SCAMPI A
      • SCAMPI B
      • SCAMPI C
  • Maturity Level 2 Process Areas
    • Agreement Management
    • Acquisition Requirements Development
    • Configuration Management
    • Measurement and Analysis
    • Project Monitoring and Control
    • Project Planning
    • Process and Product Quality Assurance
    • Requirements Management
    • Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development

Day 2

  • Maturity Level 3 Process Areas
    • Acquisition Technical Management
    • Acquisition Validation
    • Acquisition Verification
    • Decision Analysis and Resolution
    • Integrated Project Management
    • Organizational Process Definition
    • Organizational Process Focus
    • Organizational Training
    • Risk Management
  • Maturity Level 4 Process Areas
    • Organizational Process Performance
    • Quantitative Project Management
  • Maturity Level 5 Process Areas
    • Causal Analysis & Resolution
    • Organizational Performance Management
  • Summary
    • Journey Revisited
    • Critical Success Factors
    • Question and Answer
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Overview to CMMI® For Acquisition Ver 1.3

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