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Innovator 7-Skills Assessment Tool for individuals

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Innovator 7-Skills Assessment Tool for individuals

Daily situations faced by staff and their solutions cannot be scripted in advance.

It is imperative for management to develop the latent potential of its staff to spot innovative opportunities and to generate elegant solutions that enhance the value creation process.

Challenges Confronting Management

Management is facing the following challenges when it comes to enterprise wide innovation.

  • Baseline the Innovative Skill Distribution of its staff
    • Arrive at a quantitative baseline of the distribution of the current levels of innovative thinking demonstrated by staff across functions and regions
  • Finding the appropriate role for the Baseline performance
    • Classifying the jobs on the basis of the extent to which it requires staff to generate innovative ideas
    • Putting the right profile of staff in those kind of jobs to maximize their current potential
  • Roadmap for Career Development of Staff
    • Creating a roadmap for career progression of staff mapped to their enhancement of the skills demonstrated by strong innovators.
    • The assessment coupled with the right training and coaching will help staff practice and develop the thinking skills.

QAI’s Staff Innovation Skill Assessment Tool
QAI Global Services has designed the Staff Innovation Skill Assessment Tool to baseline the innovative skills of an individual.

The Tool has been built on years of research and consulting experience by QAI Global Services’ consultants. Its foundations are derived from various bodies of knowledge such as Critical Thinking, TRIZ Lifestyle of a Creative Person, Educational Psychology (Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism and Humanism) and other advances in Education theory for (Pedgagogy or Teacher centric learning versus Andragogy or Learner centric learning).

The Tool comprises of an Assessment Questionnaire with situations and tasks that a respondent completes within a given duration of time.

Respondents are assessed on their current proficiency levels on seven skills.

These skills form the core repertoire of strong innovators. The seven skills and their evaluation guidelines are shown in table below.


The tool has been designed to complement the current behavioral and psychological testing tools such as MBTI and DISC analysis.

It adds another dimension to the composite profile of staff for management to form a holistic perspective and to chart out an objective growth path.

Staff Innovation Skill Assessment Report7skilles_base_line_performance
The Innovation Skill Assessment Report will provide the following inputs to the organization.

Baseline Performance of staff on the Seven skills of Innovators

The baseline performance of the respondent compared to the maximum rating possible will be depicted by the radar chart as shown in image.

It is important to note that each human mind has the potential to reach the maximum possible rating through a systematic development of the skills.

The report will not share any benchmark threshold performance for staff to aspire.

How can anyone benefit from the Report?

The Innovation Skill Assessment Report provides a self-evaluation for anyone to undertake the journey of improvement.

Individuals can opt for formal training on development of those skills in TRIZ (acronym standing for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).

The skills can be applied in the following situations

  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • Failure Analysis or Root-cause Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation through anticipating potential failure
  • Customer value creation through identification of untapped opportunities.
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Innovator 7-Skills Assessment Tool for individuals

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