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Innovation Practitioner Trainer certification program

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Innovation Practitioner Trainer certification program
The workshop is designed to prepare and assess potential Trainers to independently conduct QAI’s Innovation Practitioner training program as certified Trainers.

Program pre-requisite

Candidate trainer has to successfully complete the thresholds defined for Innovation Practitioner certification program

  • This includes successful submission of assignments for the nine modules and
  • Submission of project demonstrating application of the concepts

QAI Certified Innovation Practitioners are eligible to apply for certification as a Trainer.

Candidate trainers will undergo additional training and assessment.

QAI Innovation Practitioner Program’s Trainer Certification roadmap

Candidate trainers have to demonstrate evidence in the following areas to be eligible as a trainer.

  • Mock classroom sessions
    • Candidate trainers will be assigned specific areas within the nine (9) modules and will be asked to make a presentation.
      • Before the mock classroom session, Candidate trainers will have to share with the Master Trainer the list of anticipated questions on the topic and their response to those questions
      • Time available per Candidate Trainer: Each candidate trainer will be given 4 hours to present and facilitate the discussions on the topic.
  • Case Studies
    • Create case studies that have the potential to cover the seven (7) core skills of Innovators.
    • Case studies should be of two types:
      • Situations where there is a known way of resolving the situation and the Candidate trainer perceives a better and innovative approach is possible
      • Situations where there is no known solution as of today and the Candidate trainer is demonstrating potential solutions.
      • Draft a sample response that is the Candidate trainer’s recommendation on resolving the situation presented in the case study.
    • Facilitate discussions on the case study to encourage participants to take a multi-dimensional perspective.
    • Time available per Candidate Trainer: Each candidate trainer will be given 2 hours to present and facilitate the discussions on the case study

Evaluation Criteria for Candidate Trainers

Candidate trainers will be individually evaluated by Master Trainer the training program on aspects listed below:

  • Skills and Knowledge (weight: 40%)
    • Technical proficiency demonstrated in the theoretical foundations of the subject
    • Ability to apply the concepts to different situations.
    • Ability to provide answers to queries raised by students.
  • Communication skills (weight: 30%)
    • Ability to communicate the concepts in a lucid manner
    • Ability to engage the participants in an interactive discussion
  • Demonstrate Real life Application (weight: 30%)
    • Ability to do independent research to create case studies to demonstrate application of concepts.
    • Ability to facilitate the discussions on the case study and provide own views on the situation in a structured manner.

Process of Assessment of Certified Trainers
Certified Trainers on QAI’s Innovation Practitioner program are eligible to independently conduct the five (5) day training program based on the licensed courseware from QAI USA.

To ensure that the high standards of the certification program are maintained in the classroom, the Trainer will have to share the following documentary evidence with QAI.

  • Calendar of training programs planned for the review period.
  • Training feedback forms of the programs conducted
  • Final submissions of assignments by each student for each of the nine (9) modules and approved by the Certified Trainer for closure.
  • Project submitted by the student as part of the certification program and approved by the Certified Trainer

QAI’s team of TRIZ specialists will review the submissions for their quality.

Any evidence of falling standards will be brought to the notice of the certification committee and the certified Trainer. Further decision on continued certification of Trainer will be taken based on the decision of QAI’s certification committee.

Assessment of Students trained by Certified Trainers
Students who clear the thresholds of the program in the classroom will have to appear for final assessment to be conducted by QAI.

Students will be presented with tasks and situations and asked to submit their responses based on the concepts learnt in the classroom.

Students who fail the assessment will have to undergo corrective action plan with Certified Trainer.

Students who clear the final assessment will be awarded the certificate of Innovation Practitioner by QAI USA.



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Innovation Practitioner Trainer certification program

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